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Nidhi did not know how her dream would come true. She envisioned herself every day, making people laugh.  Being a stand Up Comedian was her dream. Not a lot of people were familiar with this as a profession, especially her family. To them jokes were only the kinds in movies – slapstick or the “knock knock” type jokes forwarded on WhatsApp. No one could make a career out of being a comedian in India, that was the firm belief of her family. And Stand Up Comedy as a genre of comedy, let alone as a profession does not even exist to most people. Also her research had shown that it wasn’t a very conducive profession for Women, considering there were very few women taking it up as a profession.

Nidhi was trying to figure out where to begin in her journey and had no answers coming to her. She was beginning to get depressed. She spent most of her days aimlessly surfing the internet. She loved to surf and especially its nightlife and party section.  This was section of which let her know of great events happening around her at the comfort of her home. The site made her feel welcome always, and kept her occupied for hours, under their various sections with informative, entertaining and creative articles. One day while browsing through the website,  though everything changed. In an inspired moment she began searching for information about Stand Up Comedy in India she came across a entire section dedicated to Stand Up on

The site boldly stated “Stand Up comedy is about finding the bravery to step up and withstand every muscle in your body screaming for you to stop what you’re doing and run. It is about facing those first few sets with nobody laughing and convincing yourself that you are good enough to get on stage again” Nidhi felt she was home.  This place had so much information; all that she could use to get started in the business.

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A section on what to do and what not to do, a whole bunch of articles on the industry, the top trends and Stand Up comics in India, and the best places to find the comedy acts performing. Basically it is a space a website that supported Stand Up Comedy in a big way, and would eventually change her life.  She lapped up all the information and she got really good. She decided to take the leap with the support of, whenever she needed information she would log in, whenever she needed a mentor she would look at the site and whenever she needed inspiration the website is what she would turn to.


As Nidhi stood backstage ready to go on, she was so anxious. This would be her fist stand up set, and to be performing in the same slot as some of India’s best was like her dream had come true. She was the only woman on the show. And a lot of people were cheering when they heard her name.


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