Everyday a war we wage

With destiny we fight

Forgive errors, control rage

Put together, over might

What’s meant to be, forever lost

Heartache filled with frost,

What’s meant to be…

What’s meant to be…

A daily war, a destiny costs.

You said that we had forever,

All for one, friends together,

Until that line you sever,

The only thing we had as tether

A silent tear I cry, I won’t ask why

To you my heart seems spry

A silent tear I cry…

A silent tear I cry…

And I won’t wave goodbye,

How did I forget that hearts break?

Faith in you only adds the pain,

 I see you, there is only an ache

We cannot go back, can’t begin again

I’ll stand alone, for all you have caused,

If only to think, you would have paused,

I’ll stand alone…

I’ll stand alone…

And know that heartache can’t be uncaused

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