Luxury? I wish!

As a mom to a toddler, my biggest luxury is my sleep and trust me when I say this – I know how precious it is!.  Getting those few peaceful, undisturbed hours of sleep everyday is such a task. When they say that sleep makes up one third of the lives of humans I guess, no one took a survey of Moms. I feel Parents, sacrifice sleep like no one else at home. I find myself at constant crossroads, trying to decide whether to sleep or spend quality time with S, or do some writing, or spend time doing something that I like. Every time invariably the thing sacrificed is sleep, making me perennially sleepy and craving the one thing I can’t get.


As a student in college I remember sitting up late into the night to watch movies on TV or Cable, they used to play new movies then. How I regret throwing away sleep, there was always later to sleep. I guess the Sleep Gods are punishing me now, for throwing away a luxury that was mine. I keep on craving the deep uninterrupted, peaceful, rejuvenating sleep. I keep telling S to sleep well, hoping that I instil in him the value and importance of sleep. But as they say the apple does not fall too far away from the tree, he is a lighter sleeper than me; that is if he ever decides to sleep.


I take the chance to sleep whenever I get, day or night, morning or not but it is never for as long as I like or as often as I’d like to. So how do I describe the perfect sleep, well the one you wake up from refreshed, is perfect. Now if I am able to describe the actual act of sleeping, then I would be doing something drastically wrong. But I can describe my steps to getting the perfect few hours of sleep. (They work like a charm for me):

  • Select the most perfect mattress after testing out the perfect foam to coir ratio (Or cotton for that matter).
  • Lay down on your favourite spot in the position that make you most comfortable on the mattress
  • Rest you head on the most perfect soft spot on the pillow that you have taken years to break in.
  • Close your eyes, and slowly shut down every physical function.  Then the muscles, just let them go, imagine them falling down.
  • Soon you should feel like you are floating in the air among the clouds. This is very normal. If you don’t get that feeling, you are doing it wrong and should repeat the steps from 1.
  • The last part is the most important, slowly shut down the brain, imagine that all the connections in your head are going lose and everything including your brain has fallen down (yes, the head feels light now), close your eyes and soon you drift off onto a beautiful journey.


And waking up from the luxurious few hours of sleep is even more blissful, when you are woken up by little hands poking, prodding and sometimes even pulling or pushing you to “get up, go out and drink milk.”

This post is written for The Project 365 Program at We Post Daily aimed at posting at least once a day, based on prompts provided. Today’s prompt was “Tell us about the one luxury item you wish you could afford, in as much detail as you can. Paint a picture for us.”




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