Medically Right

Vivek Rathi was 50, mostly healthy and admitted to the hospital for kidney stones. He was alone with no one to care for him, so he got admitted, in the best hospital under the care of the best doctor there was. Mr. Rathi prided himself at his choice and the way he took care of himself despite being alone.


Dr. Sharma was the best, period! He was the world renowned surgeon and his hospital and facilities amongst the best in the world. ¬†So when he recommended that Vivek Rathi have his left kidney removed, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that it was the best recourse. “Whatever you say doc, you are the one who knows better in this case” Mr. Rathi said and signed all the papers and completed the formalities immediately. The operation was quite successful, the recovery speedy. Mr. Rathi followed all the post op recommendations correctly to the T. He increased fibre in his diet and went on regular walks twice a day. He felt fit and healthy, and was grateful for having taken the best decision of his life.


One morning nearly six months after the operation Mr Rathi was surfing through the news channels after his morning walk, when a piece of news caught his attention. “City Doctor, Dr. Sharma arrested in organ stealing scam. The doctor used to perform false operations and harvest kidneys of patients and sell them for a price to foreign nationals who frequented his hospital and medical center for organ replacement surgeries. More will be revealed pending investigation, but experts believe it will be difficult to prove which of the procedures¬†were genuine unless the Doctor himself confesses. ”


Vivek Rathi, the man that prided himself in being meticulous about his choices regarding his health, the man that gave himself the best medical care was now unsure. He did not know whether he had been cheated or not, and he for sure did not know what to do about his situation. He did not know what was Medically Right anymore.

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