Midnight Virus

Jaibala/ August 13, 2014/ Short Stories

As the clock hands moved slowly towards midnight, Sahil was getting anxious. No, he was not worried that his plan would fail, he was confident that by midnight he would have killed all the competition, just like a farmer would eradicate his pests.


Taking this decision was not easy, but then he had come a long way from being the squeamish person that he used to be. He was no longer the scrupulous person who did things by the book. Yes, the years in the corporate environment had changed him. He knew it was a dog eat dog world, and he had to be on the top of the food chain to survive. Once he understood that rule, he had done everything he could to survive.


“Was just survival enough though,” that thought led insecurities, which magnified the desire to have ultimate power.

No, he had no responsibilities or family to speak of, so now was the time to take risks. A gamble that would catapult him into the league of the powerful business men, a plunge so deep into that world, that he would be a permanent fixture in the social circles.


He looked at the watch, fifteen minutes more and his plan would materialise. Sahil marvelled at his duplicity, craftiness and guile. He had gone to both his competitors and said he would sell them company secrets.  “That was the bait, and they fell for it hook, line and sinker,” Sahil thought.

His mercenary idea had worked, and in the name of company secrets he had managed to give them a virus infected pen drive. At midnight the virus would infect all their systems, at midnight they would lose all their data, and he would gain all of it.


At midnight, he would know all there was to know about his world.  In an era where data is king, he would be emperor. At midnight there would be no one to stop him from taking his place on the circle of powerful businessmen.

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