Mix Taped Me

It has been a really long time since I did a music related post, so this prompt served as the perfect inspiration. I have to list five songs that I think describe me. Well, five may be too less a number, considering Music is a very important and inspirational part of my life but then five it is. So these are five songs that maybe describe me.

Β At Your Side – The Corrs

Well everything that the songs says, I am to the people I love unconditionally. The sense of belonging, level of loyalty and degree of comfort that comes across in this song is just amazing. I hope I instill that sense of unconditional love, for those I care about. (People who are close to my heart, they know who they are :D)


Fireflies – Faith Hill

Well I believe that “There is something Good in everything”, and that is as good as believing in fairy tales. I give second chances always, (but never a third).


Airplanes – Bob Featuring Hayley Williams

Always can use that extra wish and extra luck, I don’t think I am a really lucky person,so the shooting starts can go a long way, in bringing luck.

I Don’t Want To Be – Gavin DeGraw

I have really worked very very hard and been through a lot to get where I am today, so I really don’t want to be anyone else or any where else than where I am at today.

Not Ready To Make Nice – Dixie Chicks

I hate it when people lie, or break my trust. and this song is exactly how I feel. I rarely am able to forget. I am very accommodating and patient (as in I do give people second chances and time to realise what they have done), but once someone breaks my trust, it can rarely be repaired.


Ok people that know me don’t be surprised that there is no ABBA, Linkin Park, Westlife, Boyzone, Or Bon Jovi in this list. I still love them as much, these are 5 songs I feel describe me the best, I don’t know if they do a perfect job though πŸ˜€

This post is written for the Project 365 program at We Post Daily aimed at posting at least once a day, based on the prompts provided. The Open-prompt for today wasΒ β€˜You make a new friend. Make them a mix tape or (a Playlist, for the younger folks) that tells them who you are through song. (In short compile a list of five songs that describe you perfectly).’



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