My Confession

Words always fail me when doubt appears,

A happy smile, behind are tears,

The struggle to find those answers mine,

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the while,

A Misstep, Mishap, a small Miscalculation,

My biggest fears, part of my adjudication,

Venture not, stay in,

Comfort and knowing are on this side

These walls you built, my safety,

They are all closing, suffocating,

So weak, I feel I am all alone,

So strong, deal with anything on my own,

I speak, you hear, never listen,

I dream, you never see my plans to action,

True, honest, almost an obsession,

Headstrong, Adamant, Stubborn devotion,

In their shadows lies my confession,

Within me is always your affliction

Within me also your affection.



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