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Jaibala/ February 25, 2016/ Musings

Happiness is a state of mind, they say but it is a very  important state of mind. No one can control my happiness, I know that but still it is so many dreams and their fulfillment that it hinges on. Or does it really. S and I both turned four this week,and  I happen to be very emotional, as I look back and realize that I have grown up as much as he has. S is slowly becoming a understanding and sensitive little boy, who makes us beam with pride every single time. Every time I look at him it makes me recognize that my priorities have changed, and if I sit down and think what my favorite things are, I might just surprise myself.

That Smile and the faith S has in me

This has to be number one on my list. His smile is not just his happiness and mine, it is also my reason, my inspiration and my strength. One smile and I know what he has been up to and will be doing next.One smile and I can forget and forgive the worst and I would do anything to keep him smiling. But sometimes I lose patience, even with him (yes those are my worst moments, the saddest) and yet he comes back to me even when he is crying,  his faith in the fact that I will make him smile again is the the thing that makes me happiest.


The joy I see in my parent’s eyes every time they look at him, and his adoration for them is incomparable. There is no incompleteness in our lives anywhere all because of  family. I don’t have to worry about much because of the family I have. No, none of us are angels and we disagree on most decisions. But I know for sure about one thing in all our disagreements and indecision, S comes first always and that is what makes us a perfect complete normal family.


Reading and Writing
Reading has always been my safety, my own place away from the world. I found happiness in the pages that transported me to places I had never been, sometimes even magical kingdoms. Nothing else can do that and the elation of reading a book, the pure joy of seeing the world through a different perspective, that can only be got through reading. And writing, I wouldn’t be here without it. The joy to create what the mind dreams up, to be able to imagine and dream is incomparable to most things.


In my life friends = family = happiness. That is pretty straight forward isn’t it. They are the people who have pushed me through my worst and cheered me on my best. They are the ones who just by saying even a simple word like “Hi” or “Morning” bring a huge smile on my face and make my day.


Music and Movies
Well I love songs and music. Maybe that is where S gets his liking for it too. I have a song for everything. Every moment, every memory, every feeling. Music just makes me so happy. Movies are stories comes to life, and stories exist about every thing. 


If you love to cook like me, it is so therapeutic. I always have a smile on my face in the kitchen. Again it might be the magic of creating something from scratch that is so charming about the whole cooking experience.

So what makes me happy? Moments of togetherness with the people I love, Doing things that I love and Memories of being happy. So these are a few of my favorite things, do share yours.

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