My New Song

Hey, This is my first post from a my own space. Yes, I have gone self hosted. The past two weeks have been wonderful, with so many good things happening. But most of the times when you achieve something, it is not you alone but the support and the belief of at least one person whose faith in you never wavers. This is a poem for that person. The form is Rondel, again with a repeating line. I love these formats.

I am writing a new song,

That you sing with me

For when the end I could not see,

You saw the line, you heard that song

The song I sing all day long

It made me see, made me believe,

I am writing a new song,

That you sing with me

The road, though winding and long,

The path treading mystery,

Never have I been lonely,

When I have you to sing along

I am writing a new song.

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