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Jaibala/ December 21, 2014/ Musings

If the Forbes lists and Peoples Magazine’s List would consider “people in your life” as a criteria, I think I’d make the top 10 in every list. I am lucky that way, that despite everything I consider myself to be a millionaire. Of course my bank account wont reflect this wealth of mine, but people that know me know my biggest investment is in people.I have very few people that matter to me but what they mean to me and my life is so much more than I can describe in words; I consider them my most precious treasures and my most valuable earnings.

So, first I have twins or rather we are like sisters from different mothers. A lot of people have confused us for triplets or at least sisters, we are so alike and that is the beauty of the relationship. They are just like me or I am just like them whichever way you say it, either of us wouldn’t mind. And we also have a little bandicoot…errr sister, whom we like to rechristen often. Our wish for her is that one day she forgets what her real name is. Seems unlikely, but we sure try, after all how else will The Coot know that we love her.

Then I have this Soul Brother, (Oh I just remembered he hates that word, let me rephrase). So I have this person for whom I think I am a Soul Sister and that is all the explanation needed actually. I have never met a more awesome person in my entire life. As human as human can be, at the same time perfect to me. I am not saying he is faultless but then I am not perfect either. He does not see me differently for being honest, being me. Crib, cry, rant, bore or I may come up with even the most brilliant idea whatever I do, he does not think any better or worse of me. I may be happy or sad, win or lose he is the one who is true every single time he talks to me, and he knows I do the same. We know our priorities and what we value in life so we are sure that nothing can come between our friendship ever, and that comfort lets us be ourselves with each other.

Then there is my baby, he came from me and in the worst times of my life he was all I had. He is the reason I survived, on the bad days. My son makes everything worthwhile. I learn how to be a mother and a better person everyday from him. He is the one that defines unconditional love for me. He is the one who taught me the true value of a moment, and the importance of time. He is my comfort, and his unquestioning support makes it all worth while. Since the day he was born I have never been alone or lonely. He is the one that makes my family, as well as completes it. He carries my name and in so many ways reminds me of me. My son is my mirror, my inspiration, my strength, my greatest weakness and my reason for living. There are so many things in life I had forgotten, that I learnt all over again thanks to my son. Being his mother has given me strength I did not know I had, and confidence that I had lost somewhere. He has shown me the way in places that I thought none existed, and the reason when I thought I had none. As he grows, he will surely be more important in my life. He is undoubtedly the most precious thing I have.


People come, People go,

The ones that stay,

The ones that care,

The ones that stay forever,

Are the ones that matter.

I am guest authoring for Project 365 in the month of December. Today’s prompt was “Who is the most important person in your life? Describe that person in as great a detail as you can muster and most importantly, tell us why you cherish this person.”


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