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We all have people in our lives we look up to, we admire, we learn from and we call that person our role model. I had such a person in my life my grandmother, but when she passed away, that place has remained empty. When I read about this, I was thinking about whether I should enter the comp or not, did I even have a Role Model? ย And it hit me, I do have one. The person made an appearance in my life two years back, and changed my life completely.


The first thing he taught me is to do whatever you feel like doing, if you want to eat, eat, if you want to sleep, just sleep. It really doesnโ€™t matter what time it is or where you are. You just go ahead and do whatever you feel is right for you. He is never shy of asking the same question again and again until he gets it right. So what if it takes you 19 attempts to learn something, at least you get it right. Wonโ€™t it be dumber to never get it right? So ask the same question again and again, does not matter what others think of you, what matters is what you learn and that you learn right without having any doubts.


Another thing I learnt from him is to always be curious, it is your curiosity that will help you learn and grow as a person. He has this amazing sense of wonder and he finds happiness in every little thing in life. He forgets disappointments easily and moves on to Plan B as soon as Plan A collapses. No use crying over spilt milk is there? It is always important to forgive and forget that is if you want to be happy in life, his mantra, which he has been trying to get me to adopt ever since he came into my life.


And the best thing he taught me is the value of a smile. It can create friendships, can mend broken friendships and is generally quite a pleasing expression to have on your face. Every day I learn so many new things from him; the world is your canvas and will be whatever you imagine it to be. He has showed me how important and beneficial it is in life to keep the child within you alive. Live truly, love unconditionally and laugh loudly โ€“ life is as simple as that. I learn something new each day with him. He is the best part of my life, my Role Model, My two year old son.


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