My Soulmate

You are every tear I weep and every Smile,

Its you when I rest, or walk a thousand mile;

You are my hope, faith and Inspiration,

Even the edges of my desperation;

Every good deed and every sin is you,

You are my trust and betrayal too;

You are fear and safety to me,

You are my now, forever and eternity;

In every battle I fight and peace I seek,

You are my strength and in you I am weak;

Its you who is my Joy and frustration,

My every problem and its solution;

You are everything and earn and every debt,

Every risk I take or choose not to bet;

You are my every win and every loss,

The reason I am forgiving or when I am cross;

You are my ground firm and the limitless sky,

The reason I’ll live and that I’ll die;

In you is all my Love and my hate,

You are the image of my soul, my soul mate

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