Naked Humanity

Jaibala/ May 24, 2014/ Short Stories

It was very cold that day, the day when the lowest temperatures in fifteen years were recorded. The thick overcoat, he was wearing was not enough, Dheeraj, just wanted to get back to the warmth of his family and that of his home.


As he was about to enter his housing complex, he saw a homeless man lying on the road. Many people passed by him in a hurry to get home, none giving him a second glance. He stopped his car at the side of the road and got out to look. He saw a lady and a little girl lying snuggled under the only warm blanket around, in his shanty. The half naked man was shivering in the cold.


Dheeraj took off his overcoat and and covered the man and started to walk back to his car. He felt a hand on his back. His neighbour Vipul had seen the whole thing and he said “You shouldn’t have done that. That was your favourite coat na, the one you had got from US. What guarantee he will return the coat. And even if he does will you be able to wear it?”


Dheeraj just smiled and said “It doesn’t matter to me what happens to the coat now. What matters is that today the coat help to cover naked humanity today.”


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