NaPoWriMo : A Fairy Tale

Not going with the prompt again for the NaPoWriMo. Here is my attempt to write a Fairy Tale.




Once upon a time,

A Princess a girl,

As little, as fine,

Precious as a pearl.


As loyal, as true,

With a heart so pure,

She would sometimes rue,

Using only that for sure.


Her fairy Godmother,

Sang her a song,

Listen to your heart dear,

It can never go wrong.


All her life she did,

Only do what her heart told,

They felt she was always a kid,

Never accepted her as Old.


Use your head,

You will need it hereafter,

The heart wont they said,

Show you happily ever after.


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3 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo : A Fairy Tale

  • Don’t know if we can be “shown” a happily ever after, either by the head or by the heart. But I think heart will show, if the beats are true. No happily ever after was achieved by logical thinking. Imagine if the prince thought of logic before kissing Snow White… she’d be asleep forever.

    • Well some people do think that they can define a fairy tale for you. So they try, but then Like you said a fairy tale is just that nothing can change or control the outcome 🙂

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