NaPoWriMo : A Fairy Tale

Not going with the prompt again for the NaPoWriMo. Here is my attempt to write a Fairy Tale.




Once upon a time,

A Princess a girl,

As little, as fine,

Precious as a pearl.


As loyal, as true,

With a heart so pure,

She would sometimes rue,

Using only that for sure.


Her fairy Godmother,

Sang her a song,

Listen to your heart dear,

It can never go wrong.


All her life she did,

Only do what her heart told,

They felt she was always a kid,

Never accepted her as Old.


Use your head,

You will need it hereafter,

The heart wont they said,

Show you happily ever after.


Listed below are my fellow NaPoWriMo Participants – – Nirmal – Sfurti  – Janaki – Pooja – count –  Naina – Rohan – Karan – Rinzu – Vinay  – Nithya – Preeti




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