NaPoWriMo: Be

Decided not to go with the prompt Today for NaPoWriMo.





You complain about little things, people wont talk, you wont listen,

Have you wondered about the lives of those who struggle everyday to just be.


Its strange how you feel bad cause someone ignored you,

Have you thought about the ones fighting to be.


Every hiccup you come across, is like a hurdle that makes you stop,

Take a look at those who moved mountains on the road to be.


Any opportunity you come across, you only see the problems,

People take problems and make them opportunities so that they can be.


You depend on others to make you happy, to give you a life and to live,

There are those that look at sadness, and make it just happy to be.


Its quite easy to hate your existence, To live life only with grievance,

It doesn’t take much to be happy, all you need to do is be.

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