NaPOWriMo: I Promise

For the NaPoWriMo today, I haven’t written on the prompt, instead I have written about the promises I make to a very special person in my life – My Son.



I will never let you lose,

Your sense of wonder,

Always the path let you choose,

Even if you choose the way to blunder,

I Promise…..


In darkness or in light,

I will be your safety should you need,

Be it day or night,

Every word you say I’ll Heed,

I Promise……


Even If you walk away,

There will always be a road back,

Try as hard as the world may,

They wont break our pact,

I Promise……


The strength that you give,

Can never be lost,

For Hope and peace,

Life will always be sought,

I Promise…..


I’ll be your strength,

When you need it the most,

Your best friend,

Forever more,

I Promise…..


I will never forget,

You made me Mom,

There can never be regret,

That can never be gone,

I Promise…..


Listed below are my fellow NaPoWriMo Participants – – Nirmal – Sfurti  – Janaki – Pooja – count –  Naina – Rohan – Karan – Rinzu – Vinay  – Nithya – Preeti



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