NaPOWriMo: I Promise

Jaibala/ April 22, 2014/ Poetry/ 12 comments

For the NaPoWriMo today, I haven’t written on the prompt, instead I have written about the promises I make to a very special person in my life – My Son.



I will never let you lose,

Your sense of wonder,

Always the path let you choose,

Even if you choose the way to blunder,

I Promise…..


In darkness or in light,

I will be your safety should you need,

Be it day or night,

Every word you say I’ll Heed,

I Promise……


Even If you walk away,

There will always be a road back,

Try as hard as the world may,

They wont break our pact,

I Promise……


The strength that you give,

Can never be lost,

For Hope and peace,

Life will always be sought,

I Promise…..


I’ll be your strength,

When you need it the most,

Your best friend,

Forever more,

I Promise…..


I will never forget,

You made me Mom,

There can never be regret,

That can never be gone,

I Promise…..


Listed below are my fellow NaPoWriMo Participants – – Nirmal – Sfurti  – Janaki – Pooja – count –  Naina – Rohan – Karan – Rinzu – Vinay  – Nithya – Preeti



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  1. Lovely! I am sure when your son reads this, he will be so happy 🙂
    Parul recently posted…#MicroblogMondays – Pakistan loves IndiaMy Profile

    1. Thanks Parul <3

  2. The opening line, the very first promise, is in a way the best gift a parent can give to her child. Love the sentiment behind this loving poem, Jaibala.
    Beloo Mehra recently posted…Dussehra Special: Rama, the Avatar of the Sattwic Mind (Book Excerpts from “The Thinking Indian”)My Profile

    1. Thank You Beloo. It is so nice that you always read the posts that mean the most to me and come from a very personal space 🙂

  3. Shubhya will without doubt believe you 🙂 We all do 🙂 Hugs and loads of love to the both of you <3

    1. NJ <3 *Hugs back*

  4. I cried buckets reading this. How selfless is the bond between a mother and child! You know every year on my elder one’s birthday I write a letter with one promise. Just a few words nothing much but promises similar to what you have written here. Someday in future I will hand him those letters…

    1. Sorry to make you cry Sfurti. And Lovely Idea to write promise letters must say 🙂

  5. I think this is a promise that’ll be kept by you for sure 🙂 You do love your dots a lot, don’t you? 😛

    1. 🙂 I do love those dots

  6. I am jealous of Shubhya now! Love you both! 🙂

    1. Love you too 🙂

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