NaPoWriMo : Memories

Today’s prompt for the NaPoWriMo was, “This is a bit silly, but it’s Saturday. I recently got a large illustrated guide to sea shells. There are some pretty wild names for sea shells. Today I challenge you to take a look at the list of actual sea shell names below, and to use one or more of them to write a poem. You poem doesn’t have to be about sea shells at all — just inspired by one or more of the names.

Peruvian Hat
Snout Otter Clam
Strawberry Top
Incised Moon
Sparse Dove
False Cup-and-Saucer
Leather Donax
Shuttlecock Volva
Striped Engina
Tricolor Niso
Triangular Nutmeg
Shoulderblade Sea Cat
Woody Canoebubble
Ghastly Miter
Heavy Bonnet
Tuberculate Emarginula
Lazarus Jewel Box
Unequal Bittersweet
Atlantic Turkey Wing

Happy writing!”

Here is my attempt inspired by the names Lazarus Jewel Box and Unequal Bittersweet.



Sometimes happy sometimes sad,

Sometimes good and sometimes bad,

Life is a effort,  life is a game,

To gain money, power, or fame,

Some laugh and some cry,

To gain something everyone does try,

Whether be genuine or pretend,

But all we have in the end,

A Jewel Box of memories,

And we decide what they’d be,

The choices we make, the chances we take,

May we be real or maybe fake,

The journey when its complete,

The memories just bittersweet.

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