NaPoWriMo : My Way

The prompt for the NaPoWriMo today was, “And now for our prompt! Our early-bird prompt this year (on March 31) was an ekphrastic poem. This is something similar — a poem written from a photograph. There are four below, one of which I hope will catch your fancy. But if you’ve a particular photo in mind that you’d like to use, go right ahead. Happy writing!” Here is my attempt with  the image that inspired me.


Picture Prompt




This path that I’ve taken,

I don’t know where it leads,

Will it take me to my dreams,

Will I ever succeed,


The mysteries of life,

Begin to unravel,

As I walk along,,

This Road that I travel,


I see many faces,

Some old, some new,

Keep and lose friends,

Oh, how I wish they knew,


All the struggles,

All the strife,

It has taken me ages,

To know what’s right,


The trust in others,

Is all in vain,

Without knowing yourself,

Its simple and plain,


Some may walk along,

Some walk away,

On this path,

I will always stay,


It is not a lonely road,

If I don’t want it to be,

On this journey, I am

The best company for me.


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