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The prompt for the NaPoWriMo today was, Today I challenge you to write a ruba’i. What’s that? Well, it’s a Persian form — multipe stanzas in the ruba’i form are a rubaiyat, as in The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Basically, a ruba’i is a four-line stanza, with a rhyme scheme of AABA. Robert Frost’s famous poem Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening uses this rhyme scheme. You can write a poem composed of one ruba’i, or try your hand at more, for a rubaiyat. Happy writing! ” A new form for me once again. I am getting excited learning all these new things. Here is my attempt.



 You asked me a question one day,

“Please tell me if you may,

Aren’t they your beshtest friends,

Tell me Am I too, pray?”


The answer was right there ,

And I knew I was being fair,

When I said “You are too,

Never question that , don’t you dare.”


It really doesn’t matter me,

If I have know you now or for an eternity,

All I know is I’ll have you for ever,

Friends for always we will be.


Make sure you hold on tight,

We may have to stand and fight,

They and you make me strong,

And together you all make me right.


Always know I’d do the best I can,

Stand by you, lend a hand,

Be everything a friend can be,

Also be forever your fan.


My words are lost without you near,

I cannot think or write, I fear,

I worry and I miss you,

Never doubt that I hold you dear.


So this one is written for a Vinay aka Leo whose blog I Rhyme without Reason is super awesome. (Be sure to check it out).  So he has been like my Inspiration, Mentor, Friend and sometimes even Blackmailer (if warranted).


Listed below are my fellow NaPoWriMo Participants – – Nirmal – Sfurti  – Janaki – Pooja – count –  Naina – Rohan – Karan – Rinzu – Vinay  – Nithya – Preeti



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  1. Looks like Vinay is a blackmailer when it comes to convincing people to write poems. 😀

  2. Heehee… I’m so glad there’s another blackmailer 😀

  3. How sweet of you 🙂 Lovely poem it is, and I might continue the blackmail even after April 😛 else you might not write at all.

    1. 🙂 might. You sure will continue to blackmail me. You enjoy it way too much to stop especially the results of your black mail 🙂

  4. It’s beautiful. Yes friends always make us right. And we all need some emotional blackmailing now and then dont we

    1. Niths <3 Yes friends always make us right. And I dont think we function without the blackmail 🙂

  5. Yes…I can relate to this…feeling 😉 Lucky is the person to whom you have dedicated this.

    1. Thanks Janaki 🙂 I hope the person feels lucky as well 🙂

  6. Lovely, awesome write jai <3 I feel this poem is a dedication for someone and I think……. I know who that person is maybe 😉 😛

    1. Thanks Preeths 🙂 But considering I have clearly mentioned who this is dedicated to…what you are thinking is a mystery to me 🙂

      1. Jai I meant apart from Vinay it seems like it is a dedication to someone else too 😛 😉

  7. Beautiful!!! And even I black mail you… but then I ask for baked goodies oly!! 😛

    1. More like We black mail you and with you blackmail only works. You will get your goodies when u come home 🙂 <3

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