No Good Deed

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Dr. Ravi was very eager to start his day. The people from the top news channel in Hyderabad were coming to interview him. Today he was amongst the leading medical practitioners in Hyderabad and everyone wanted to know his story. And he had a fancy tale to tell the world. He wanted everyone to know about him, and his unusual decision.  After joining the elite group of General Practitioners in Hyderabad, Dr. Ravi still chose to set up his clinic in the most unimaginable of places – The place that had a lot of patients, but not a lot who could afford his treatment.


Dr. Ravi stepped into his clinic and got geared up for the day. The line of Patients was already starting to grow but they all stood in a queue, without a lot of fuss. He never gave appointments, and his patients knew that ‘Dr. Ravi’s Clinic was always open whenever you needed it’. Everyone was sure they would get their turn.

“Today more people are here for the news channels than for you”, Kaleem Chacha said. Ravi smiled, “I think it is time they have their moment in the spotlight Chacha”, he said unsurprised. Both knew they were thinking of the same thing. That day two decades back, when an 8 year old boy had to travel a distance of 20 Kms was looking for physicians in Hyderabad who would listen to an orphan kid asking them to treat an old ailing man. They were thinking of that boy who thanked his karma every moment then on that he met the good doctor who took them to the Government Hospital. The moment he found out that his Chacha was out of danger and  that he wasn’t too late reaching the Government Hospital at the centre of the city that Boy swore that no one from his locality would ever have to travel that much again in an emergency to find a medical practitioners in Hyderabad.


Yes today Dr. Ravi would tell his story, the story of the day he almost lost Kaleem Chacha. The Story of why he became a doctor. The story of what ignited his passion to work hard and be the best in his business. And most importantly the story of why he is who he is and does what he does, when it comes to being Dr. Ravi.


This short story was written for a sponsored post.


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  1. Wow! That was such an inspiring story. a story of making a meaning out of the life we are given to live.

    1. Welcome Parul to My School of Thought. Glad you liked the story. Sometimes the kidness of others or just the situation we are in can decide the course of our life for us.

  2. Write the whole story, Jaibala. This has a lot of potential.

  3. Good one, Jaibala.
    wouldn’t have said it is a sponsored post of not for the links

  4. Even the smallest thing can inspire a journey to something very big and bright for the future 🙂 Liked the story, Jb.

    1. Yes it can, the smallest spark can light the most powerful fires 🙂

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