Of Community and Friendships

I truly believe in Jeff Goins words that every writer needs a tribe. While writing itself is a solitary activity, it is the people around you that makes you want to keep on doing it.  The blogging community is a tribe in the truest sense and I have come to realise I cannot survive without my support system.
Understanding, your best
While they are always around,
Knowing and connecting
Idea, thought, opportunities abound,
Always  a kind ear to listen,
And a kind word to say,
Even when you are
Defeated by the day,
Those hands to pull,
Even that buried deep,
A hug gives you strength,
When darkness you seek,
A honest opinion,
A new beginning,
The old is not lost,
My world is expanding.


The sense, power and love of community can be understood only when you are a part of one.  The joy of making lifelong friends and long lasting relationships can only come from a place of trust, understanding and a sense of oneness. Yes, to me Community is the most important aspect of blogging, because of which very soon, I am going to take a huge leap. All those big plans becoming a reality and words finally translating into action. I owe a lot to a few people for always making me believe, even when I refused to believe in myself.  That is the true power of friendships, the fact that I don’t have to name people and they know who and what I am talking about. I am blessed to have found them.

PS:  Blogchatter Launched season 3 of their blogbuddy program, and BlogBuddy 3.0 looks like so much fun and excitement already.  Presenting to you our cosy little group InkMagic.


Picture Credit: Ramya Rao

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