Paint’s Day Out

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I could hear the buzz of activity outside the giant door. From what I had heard these bloggers are a very happy and friendly bunch of people. I was looking forward to seeing them. The place was majestic and the mood was festive. I could feel the excitement in the air, friends meeting friends, people making friends. The excitement outside the door was so much better than the sound checks, and final adjustments going on inside.

I could peek out when the door opened once or twice and saw some beautiful people taking pictures, meeting and having lunch. All pictures looking pink and purple thanks to carefully placed lights and focuses. Berger Paints was the colour of the day. I just wished I could go outside and feel the excitement that Anoop spoke about for real.

Oh! But I am moving far too ahead. Let’s head back to lunch, sounded yummy to me and I heard there was chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce too.  I was so sure that these bloggers were going to be sleepy for the post lunch sessions.  As I was wondering why Indiblogger would plan a meet with a post lunch session, the bloggers started piling in. Barring a few, most of them didn’t even notice me. Little did they know that I was going to be the most important part of the latter half of their evening!

As the event began, and the icebreaking sessions started all my worry about sleeping bloggers dissipated. Whether it was the Indiblogger version of musical chairs or Introduction of new bloggers, these people all were bursting with energy. Now it was time, for Chandranath Banerjee to do his job. And I tell you he made all of us so proud, the way he generated interest in the company, us the products and especially Express Painting was clear with the number of questions the people especially the lovely women asked. I am sure they are all thinking of painting their houses soon now!

Yes that was my view!

Then came the fun part where all those lovely people, were made to actually experience some of what goes into the painting. They divided themselves into teams and had to sand down some wood. Most of them came out with the feeling that it’s not as easy as it looks.  Then came the fun part, remember when I had told you I was going to be the star of the show.

The stainers all set for action!

Yes! The next thing the people had to do was paint. After a quick explanation of how to use me and the stainers together effectively, the teams had to collect their equipment and paint. They all had about 30 minutes to create a master piece. I was picked up by a team interestingly called Shade Yantra.  And they had such a beautiful concept to showcase the spirit of Mumbai. Also there was this lady obsessed with holding me for some reason, so much so that she had to be reminded to put me down and concentrate on helping create their vision.

Creating a Masterpiece!

The wonderful ladies posing with their painting!

And a vision they created of a unified Mumbai, a Mumbai that is built on opposites, and comes together in its feeling. And that was the emotion that carried through in all the paintings that were created.  After the winners were announced, people began to say their goodbyes.

As the last few people walked out, I felt silence, the exciting day had come to an end, and everyone began to wrap up. But I will say one thing, how great is my life that I get to meet interesting and wonderful people, just like these amazing people who call themselves Bloggers!

PS: The inspiration behind this post was Saumy Nagayach’s pictures. So goes without saying all images used in this post are his. You can check out more images here

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  1. I loved this look at a blogger meet through the eyes of a paint can. Such a unique take! And such an excited paint can! 😉
    Modern Gypsy recently posted…A field guide to self loveMy Profile

    1. Haha, the excitement of the bloggers and the event had to transfer to the paint can. 🙂

  2. Oho! What a unique POV! I liked this unique perspective to reporting the goings-on of this wonderful meet Jai! It was really such a fun event! And kudos on so creatively using Saumy’s captures! It was lovely spending some wonderful time with you and all other blogger friends.
    Kala Ravi recently posted…My little sweetheart #BlogloveMy Profile

    1. Same here Kala. It was so much fun this meet. And Yes Saumy’s Photos inspired the post all the way. Thank You so much.

  3. Such a well organized post it is, Jai! It was my first blogger’s meet and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It couldn’t have been such fun if you guys weren’t there. You ppl made it awesome with your presence. Hope to see u soon in Pune/Mumbai. I’m just a msg away. Also, glad you liked the pictures. Thanks for sharing them with this well drafted post. ?
    Saumy recently posted…And I fell in Love with my Blog!My Profile

    1. Thank You so much Saumy, for the inspiration that those pictures gave me. Such great fun meeting you, hope to meet you again soon.

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