Questions Abound

I have been very lazy and late in posting this, a Collaboration with Vinay from I Rhyme Without Reason. I kind of like these collabs with him, they are so much fun and generally a much needed inspiration to write. Three verses are written by him and three by me.



The sun, the stars,
The sky limitless abound,
I had all my answers,
Until the questions bound.

Will the light darken?
Will the memories fade?
Will the hopes remain?
Or begin to soon fade.

Past and present,
Key to the future,
All squandered,
A moment to suture.

Tangled is this web,
Just a moment it took,
What I had known,
Now leaves me shook.

Should I move on now?
Or take a walk back?
Or take another path,
Very much a new track.

Questions hovering,
Answers still unknown,
In my search now,
Why do I feel alone?


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