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A post after a long time. Hope you guys don’t hate me for making you wait.



Rainbows! I have a special relationship with them. I still remember the first time I saw the rainbow. But to tell you that story I need to tell you about Henry, my Henry. It was a Friday, the end of the first week at school. Mom had called some guests for dinner. As a sixteen year old I was least interested in dinner guests and more interested in the new guy at school.


Everyone was talking about him. The best part about him was he lived across my house. Or so everyone else thought, no one knew that I had barely managed a glimpse all week. As I sat at my window trying to catch a glimpse of him, he walked out with his parents.


“Jess, come down in a bit dear, the guests will arrive any moment now” my mother’s voice carried into my room as she called out to me, from the bottom of the stairs.


“Ok”, I sighed and stomped down the stairs, my last bit of hope of seeing him tonight dashed. As I did that the doorbell rang announcing the arrival of the guests. By the time I reached the end of the stairs I came face to face with him.


Henry was everything a sixteen year old could ask for. The looks like the lead singer of a boy band and a broad cute smile. Did I tell you he was cute? Those girls had not done any justice to his looks.


Dinner was the usual polite affair, but the biggest positive was that Henry asked to walk to school with me.  We began walking to school every day and eventually became best friends. I began to realise he was not just a pretty face but he had a heart that was bigger than most and a soul that was so beautiful that everything compared in front of him. I was falling hard for him, hoping furiously that he was too.


My prayers get answered. Oh! it was perfect the way he said “I love you”, it was raining and then suddenly when he said the words, the sun came out. That was the first time I ever saw a rainbow, it was perfect timing. Our new beginning was being celebrated by the seven colors in perfect symphony.





I always knew he would propose, and once he did we began planning our life, our future. I wanted a simple wedding during the rains.  I loved the rains and especially after seeing the rainbow, once.


On our wedding day I wore a simple white dress. Walking down the aisle I realised how lucky I was, to be marrying my best friend and the love of my life. As we said our vows, it began to rain though there was a bright sun shine. As the priest pronounced us man and wife a rainbow stood testimony in all its glory, solemnising our love with each of its colors representing an aspect or a vow. Our promises, our passion, the calmness, the serenity, the freshness, our dreams and our aspirations all symbolised by the seven colors.






We were very happy, until Henry changed jobs and started working for this big shot company. He worked hard; he wanted to climb right at the top. “I want to afford to give you everything that you wish for and that you do not wish for.” He would say.


“Why would I want something that I do not wish for? Anyway the things that I wish for cannot be bought with money, Henry. I want us and I want our family.”


At the mention of family he would always say, “Give me some more time Jess. We will have a family, and our kid will have everything a kid could want.”


He never slowed down on his work though; he wanted to be the best husband. If anything he worked longer hours. And then one day it happened. I missed my date. Henry was so eager to know; he went to the drug store and got me a test.  When the test was positive, he was ecstatic. He even promised to slow down on his work once the current project was over to take care of me. I could see him being back to his old self.


That day, Henry told me to tell him about the doctor’s visit as soon as I got back from the hospital. Henry had painstakingly booked the doctor’s appointment so that we could confirm the news before getting our hopes up. His excitement was evident, and he wanted to come with me but he got called away to work. When he kissed me before leaving for work “Tell me what the doctor says, immediately” , he reminded me.


As he walked away, it began to drizzle. I was surprised at the rains; it was too early for the season. “Pre-Seasonal rains” I thought with a smile, and looked at the sky out of curiosity. Sure enough there was a rainbow there. As,  I got ready for the doctor’s appointment the presence of that colourful arc in the sky calmed me at the same time it did not. It was a very confusing unamed emotion I felt at that moment, as I walked to the doctor’s.


I was ecstatic; I was going to become a Mom and Henry, a Dad. As soon as I found out I called him, but he never answered.  I worried a little, but he did say his meeting was important so I thought I’d wait for his call. He would call me as soon as he could; he was more excited and anxious about this than me.


That call never came. What came though was a call from the city hospital, to inform me that my husband had been admitted there as a result of a heart attack. I went from happy to worried to sad to hysterical within moments. I don’t know how I managed to get to the hospital after that but I did. By the time I reached though it was all over. Henry was gone, to a place where I could not follow. I went numb at the thought of being all alone.He had probably gone closer to that rainbow.


I gave birth to a healthy boy, and have lived a long happy life. It was difficult raising our family all alone, It is still our family; Henry’s and Mine. My eldest grand child is off to college now. The strange thing is after that day I have never seen a rainbow again. Until now. When the sun’s ray hit the rain drop they create magic, the magic of splitting into seven colors. I wonder why I see it today, has it come to remind me of Henry or take me closer to him? Like I told you the Rainbow and I share a very special relationship.




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  1. Kind of felt that your story was hurried throughout, and could have been put across better re. U have it in you to do so 🙂 The story is nice, no doubt about it. Just u went zooooom 😛

    1. lol Zoom….Ok will slow down 🙂

  2. This is a beautiful story told equally beautifully!!
    Just before I commented, I looked out the window and saw a sliver of a rainbow 🙂
    I just wish Henry had taken it a little easier, he wouldn’t have missed out on a beautiful childhood.

    1. Yeah we get caught up in the rat race and forget what is really important to us. We need to slow down and smell the roses 🙂

    2. Thank you Pix 🙂

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