Oh I So Relate!

Jaibala/ November 8, 2016/ #TadkaTuesday

Every time, I see a movie for a few hours, I get lost in that world. I keep trying to find instances that I can relate to, things that I can take home. Yes! For someone who doesn’t loves movies as much, this may sound crazy, but a movie lover like will know what I am talking about. It is so easy to get lost in the world of a good book and a well made movie.

For me to think of one movie I relate to is a difficult task. Do I talk about the desperation that frustration that was Bruce in Bruce Almighty, or the reluctance of Katniss to accept her destiny and the confusion she faced about her identity in Hunger games. Then there was Hermione and her attitude which takes me back to my school days, Or Duniya Dilwalon Ki(Kadhal Desham)for being the first movie I was Obsessed with. So many different reasons to like so many different movies.

Like since the time I have been introduced to Bangalore Days by my best friend, I have already watched the movie a couple of hundred times. Okay maybe not that many times. There are so many things I relate to in that movie. It just captures the vibe and pulse of an entire generation, and weaves it into a story that could happen to anyone. It almost seems real.

Then there is the wonderful Love Actually. I have seen so many romances of different kinds in my life beginning with my parents and brother and two of my oldest friends who are married to each other; it is actually really difficult to not relate to this one. It is also just such a feel good movie, and leaves me with a lot of hope every time I watch it. Yes, I am a closet romantic!

So many reasons t love movies, so many reasons to relate to them. I think it is easy to relate to movies, because they draw from real life. I Know most of us relate to something in movies every time. So tell me which movie or movies you relate to and why?

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