To work with me please visit


To work with me please visit



I am a creative writer who can write Fiction, Poetry and Non- fiction that relate to personal lifestyle and other experiences. Below is a gist of services I offer.


I have been a regular web columnist at various magazines and websites like the Sesame Street India Exchange, Bonobology, Fashion You Intimate, SANT Magazine, Huffington Post and Women’s Web.  Do get in touch with me if you would be interested in hiring my services to write for your websites, portals, E- magazines or Print Magazines in the capacity of a regular contributor or a Guest contributor. My area of expertise is Parenting especially Single Parenting, Divorce and rehabilitation, Issues that concern women and Society. You can read my entire writing profile here.


Creating conversations and conversions around a brand and providing real time solutions to brands looking to engage with quality and topical content across digital media is the main objective with which I write content. I also take on Sponsored posts on my website. I also conduct interviews, or do book and product reviews on the website.  I believe in creating Creative and Quality content and deliver research with required structural narrative.  I write content mainly in the areas of Single Parenting, Women Related Issues, and also Books, Parenting, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Health, Technology, Science and Medicine.  Click Here for my Media Kit


Branded Ebook creation, Videos, PR or Media Tie Ups, Event and Media Partnerships are some of the ways in which partnerships can be fostered and formed. I like to engage with and create content for like minded brands and events.

Click Here for my Media Kit


Workshops and Speaking at events is my way of reaching out to readers, and writers and fostering a community. The workshops were born of an ideology that every writer needs a friend, a guide, a facilitator to walk with them on the otherwise lonely adventure that is writing. I deal with topics like finding your originality, Writing through your emotions, Creative Writing and Blogging. The idea is to create a community while helping the individual achieve their writing dream. Some of the Feedback received for my sessions





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