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We are all celebrating #WomenOfBlogging this Women’s Week. I was wondering what to write about so many talented and wonderful women (and men) I met since the time I have been blogging and writing. The following poem is my attempt to talk about all these wonderful women (and men), who have not only read me, but actually supported me, and raised me up and continue to do so. I am not just a better writer but a better person because they are in my life!

A sense of calm deep within,
All the strength I can find,
A warm hug holding me in,

It‘s never the first time & never the last,
Your voice; a memory, recent yet familiar,

No matter who or where we’ve been,
Each with their own thoughts, their own mind,
Different things to do, and yet a twin,

A bond, a vow unshakable and true,
A single seed from where we all grew,

A thin string of love that ties us in,
A journey to the end that has us entwined,
Seemingly fleeting but as strong as kin,

It always the first and never the last,
Each moment that has come to pass,

Ruling kindly, each suit‘s queen,
Raising the bar, for others we define,
Power, strength and hope we combine,

Happy for the other, helping another,
Pulling each other up is how we get by,

In all that happens within life’s din,
When circumstances confine,
They are courage to stop, leap or begin,

Whatever I need, they are therein,
Sibling, friend, philosopher, guide,
If nothing else a shoulder to cry in,
The best Sisterhood that has ever been.

It’s International Women’s Week & if you’ve written a post about being a woman or a special lady in your life , link it up here & experience this charm.

#WomenOfBlogging Open till 8th March

About Jaibala

Academically a Microbiologist, I am a Web Columnist for popular magazines and websites, Freelance Writer and a Blogger. Words define me and writing and reading compete to be the love of my life. My biggest belief is that there is something good in everything and I always looks to highlight the best in things. Creative writing is my forte.You can reach me by dropping a mail at


  1. This was beautiful and heartfelt. Celebrating Sisterhood is essential and thinking about the fact that we have people to fall back on is something worth talking about.

  2. Fantastic – you all so deserve each other.
    Sid recently posted…Are your kids missing out on their last chance to grow?My Profile

  3. Perfect, Perfect ode to sisterhood and fabulous women all around us! 🙂 Love this!
    Aditi recently posted…Guerrilla Wars #WomenOfBloggingMy Profile

  4. Jai, I feel like hugging you. This poem, I don’t know, it made me feel so many things at once. It’s so positive and the message of supporting each other, it’s wonderful.
    Thank you for this and also for everything else 🙂
    Sreesha recently posted…Reaching For A Low SkyMy Profile

  5. May we always have the sisterhood to keep us going. Evocative poem, Jai.
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…The Art of ForgivenessMy Profile

  6. Such a beautiful ode to sisterhood! Like Richa, I loved the Ruling kindly each suit’s queen. Nade me think of the queens (and women) of the Tarot and the story of support and power that they weave through the cards.

    You’re one of my circle of queens – and I’m so blessed to have found you! Keep shrinking bright, Jai! <3
    Modern Gypsy recently posted…Revealed: what women really want!My Profile

  7. A lovely ode to the bright sparks in our lives who silently stay stand as solid pillars of support in all our endeavors. Blessed to have them in our lives, aren’t we? You are in fact one of those pillars to me. Thanks dear friend for being there for me. Love and hugs 🙂

  8. Ah, sisterhood is what sustains us in our darkest hour, when the chips are down. Like you mentioned, if nothing else a shoulder to cry on. Blogging has provided me with so many genuine, lovely women. So grateful for all of them. This was lovely, Jai. Here’s more power to women leaning in to help other women.
    Rachna recently posted…The Men in My LifeMy Profile

  9. Wonderful. More power to you Jai. Keep writing.

    1. Thank You so much Anin

  10. I know this Peom is about me .. Why the disclaimer of ‘women’ in plural ?

    LOL !!

    The thin thread of love that binds us is unshakeable Jai and we would continue to raise each other up and inspire and motivate each other to be a better writer and a better person ( if you continue to write such beautiful poems )

    1. This post is about you (you did inspire it), me, and all the wonderful women we both know and love. And yes the thread of love never breaks or gets weak, when we base it on our strengths.

  11. Thats such a lovely ode Jai <3 Ruling kindly each suit's queen <3

    1. Each one of us is a queen, and this is our reminder for the days we forget. Thank You so much Richa for everything <3

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