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A – Z Challenge: True Colours

Jaibala/ April 23, 2014

Ttttrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyy     Song: True Colors Artists: Cindy Lauper Album: True Colors (1986) For Full lyrics Click Here. In a world full of busy people, disappointments, heart aches and heart breaks, it is very easy to get disillusioned. You go into a shell and never want to come out of your own safe world, where slowly you begin to believe

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A – Z Challenge: Sleeping Child

Jaibala/ April 22, 2014

S is for Super Shubhya…nothing else can ever stand for the S   Song: Sleeping Child Band : Michael Learns To Rock Album: Colours (1993) For Full Lyrics please click here. Its strange that today is the 22nd, and I am talking about My son who was also born on the 22nd (of February). So, in 2012 I was blessed

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A – Z Challenge: Remember The Name

Jaibala/ April 21, 2014

Refuses to accept that what he (w)Rites is not Rubbish     Song: Remember the Name Band: Fort Minor Album: The Rising Tied (2005) For full Lyrics Click Here. Dead tired at the end of a circuit training and no mood to do some cardio, put this song on repeat on  your music player, get on the tread mill and

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A – Z Challenge: Que Sera Sera

Jaibala/ April 19, 2014

Quiet nah Quite Amazing our Baccha is   Song: Que Sera Sera Singer: Doris Day Album: With a Smile and Song (first Released in 1956 for the Doris Day Show) For complete lyrics Click Here. How many times we pressure ourselves thinking of the future, consequences and all that jazz.  We forget to live every moment, live in the present,

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A – Z Challenge: Paper Roses

Jaibala/ April 18, 2014

Po Po My sons favourite actors Song, My song for P is     Song: Paper Roses Singer: Marie Osmond Album: Paper Roses (1973) For the full lyrics Click Here. We all have had fake people in our lives, I have dealt with more fake people than real ones. The fake people are the ones that are sweeter than honey,

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A – Z Challenege: Oh Love

Jaibala/ April 17, 2014

OMG the expression I most often use and OMG for Love   Song : Oh Love Artists: Brad Paisely featuring Carrie Underwood Album: Fifth Gear(2007) For the complete lyrics Click Here. Ever tried to describe Love in its entirety, I have tried, and it is a very difficult task. I have never seen a song that gets so close to

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A – Z Challenge: Nevergone

Jaibala/ April 16, 2014

Naani’s the most amazing beings on this planet     Song: Nevergone Band: Backstreet Boys Album: Nevergone (2005) For full Lyrics please Click Here. This is dedicated to one person. A lady who after her husband lost his job, took up one for the first time in her life so that she could take care of her children and give

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A – Z Challenge: Mann Udhan Varyache

Jaibala/ April 15, 2014

My Lovlies says she   Song: Mann Udhan Movie: Aga Bai Arrecha (2004) Singer: Shankar Mahadevan Music Director: Ajay Atul For full Lyrics and Translations please Click Here. What does the heart want, what does it think, what affects the heart and the way that it does things. Its in the end the stupid sill heart. A Marathi song from

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A – Z Challenge: Leave Out All The Rest

Jaibala/ April 14, 2014

Our Lolly Dolly is from L and my song for L is Song: Leave out all the rest Band: Linkin Park Album: Minutes to Midnight (2007) For full lyrics Click Here. What can I say about this brilliant song. We all make mistakes, we all do things that we are not proud of, we all have people in our lives

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A – Z Challenge: Kisi Ki Muskurahaton Pe Ho Nisar

Jaibala/ April 12, 2014

Try saying this tongue twister really fast KKMMBBRTTTCMLSK….cant tell you what it stands for ….because I am going to be dead for saying this much 😛   Song: Kisi Ki Muskurahtoon Movie: Anari (1959) Music Director: Shankar Jaikishan & Hasrat Jaipuri Lyrics: Shailendra Singer: Mukesh For full Lyrics and Translation Click Here. What does it mean to live life to

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A – Z Challenge: Just Older

Jaibala/ April 11, 2014

The one half of the Judwa Devil Didis…..Our anthem….   Song: Just Older Band: Bon Jovi Album : Crush (2000) For full lyrics Click Here. “Like my favorite pair of torn blue Jeans, The skin I’m in is alright with me, Its not old, Just older” Well what else can I say about this Bon Jovi song. Nothing can put

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