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Book Review: The Mime Order

Jaibala/ January 24, 2015

The Mime order is the second book of the series and Samantha Shannon has worked hard to take the story she started in The Bone Season forward and make it a more engrossing read.   Paperback, 528 pages Expected publication: February 1st 2015 by Bloomsbury (first published January 27th 2015) ISBN13: 9781408857410 Edition Language: English Series: The Bone Season #2 PLOT:  Paige

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Book Review: The Bone Season

Jaibala/ January 18, 2015

The Bone Season is a refreshing merging of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Samantha Shannon has created a new order, an alternate universe a new reality on the basis of some strong characters. The Bone Season made an interesting read.   Paperback, 452 pages Published  August 20th 2013 by Bloomsbury (first published January 1st 2013) Original Title: The Bone Season ISBN: 1408836432 (ISBN13: 9781408836439) Edition

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Book Review: Time Will Tell

Jaibala/ December 19, 2014

Time Will Tell is the conclusion of Andaleeb Wajid’s Tamanna Trilogy. From No Time For Goodbyes, to Back In Time to this it has been a wonderful journey, and if The first book was the cake, the second the icing this one is surely the cherry on top. Paperback, 198 pages Published December 15th 2014 by Bloomsbury India ISBN13: 9789384052430 Edition Language:

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Book Review: Heir Of Fire

Jaibala/ December 18, 2014

This is the second book by Sarah J Mass that I have read; Assassins Blade was the other.  Heir Of Fire is the third book in the Throne Of Glass series and Assassins Blade was a prequel. Paperback, 562 pages Published September 11th 2014 by Bloomsbury Childrens (first published September 2nd 2014) original title: Heir of Fire ISBN: 1408839121 (ISBN13: 9781408839126) Edition Language:English Series:

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Slightly Burnt: Book Review

Jaibala/ November 18, 2014

Slightly Burnt by Payal Dhar is a YA novel about teenagers and their problems. At the same time it is not, just a novel and addresses issues that are important and need to be spoken about.   Paperback, First, 196 pages Expected publication: December 1st 2014 by Bloomsbury India ISBN13: 9789384052447 Edition Language: English   PLOT:  Sahil and Komal are best friends,

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Book Review: Back In Time

Jaibala/ November 16, 2014

“Back In Time” is the second book of the Tamanna series, and Andaleeb Wajid has done justice to the story of Tamanna that she started in No Time For Goodbyes.   Paperback, 168 pages Published September 5th 2014 by Bloomsbury India ISBN: 9384052930 (ISBN13: 9789384052935) Edition Language: English PLOT: Stuck indefinitely in the 80’s after losing her camera, Tamanna is rather calm. She

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Breaking all Moulds

Jaibala/ June 11, 2014

No I haven’t read Fault In Our Stars, and this is the first John Green Book I have ever read. So how do I feel about Paper Towns? Read on to find out.   Paperback, 305 pages Published January 2nd 2014 by Bloomsbury (first published October 16th 2008) Original Title: Paper Towns ISBN: 140884818X (ISBN13: 9781408848180) Edition Language: English PLOT: I guess the story

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No Goodbyes For This

Jaibala/ May 10, 2014

“Sassy Sweet and Fast Moving” are the three words on the cover that Anuja Chauhan has used to describe the book. Well I found this book to be all that and more. No Time For Goodbyes by Andaleeb Wajid  is a perfect Teenage romance Novel, with a bit of a whole lot of complications.   Paperback, 212 pages Published April 2014 by

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