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Jaibala/ June 3, 2015

Follow my blog with Bloglovin “I like him,” I declared. The buzzing stopped and it suddenly got quiet. I was not used to this. Just when I was getting uncomfortable with the silence, Trisha said, “He is okay that way, likeable, but way below your standards.” Vani interrupted her, “Who are you to decide her standards, she is capable of

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What Truly Matters

Jaibala/ April 13, 2015

Moving to Pune was a tough decision for Priya. She did not know how she would deal with the new place and strange people talking in a strange tongue. Being from Chennai the only languages she knew were Tamil and English. Hindi and Marathi were both strangers to her. So when Madhav, told her that he had been promoted to

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The Fight

Jaibala/ December 16, 2014

Sia was dressed and ready to go to her favourite restaurant. It was their anniversary and Nikhil had made dinner reservations for them at 9 PM and promised a surprise. Sia liked surprises, and she was looking forward to the evening. She had worn the new Peacock Blue dress. Blue, was Nikhil’s favourtie colour. Nikhil was stuck in traffic. He

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Jaibala/ October 28, 2014

People were staring at her. Sia knew that, they always did but she did not care for those glares and sniggers; she knew they would not understand. As she turned another page, she laughed silently as she remembered the coffee stains on this one, and the little girl that caused the coffee to fall from the cup in her hands onto

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A Tale of Time

Jaibala/ June 13, 2014

“Sanchi, come here. I will show you how to knit that bag you loved. You had asked me how.” “Nah Mom, we can do it later. Saari zindagi padi hain for all that.” She was taken back a few years. “Mukti, I need to teach you how to make that tomato chutney you like.” “Ma, not now; I want to

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