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My Confession

Jaibala/ November 24, 2015

There is always something to confess, always something kept hidden inside. What is your Confession?

Being Free

Jaibala/ May 25, 2015

When I saw birds that came this way, To be like them I yearned, Knowing they would only stay Until the season turned, The only wish I ever had, Was to spread my wings and fly, Not wanting to look back, As I learned to touch the sky, And when I returned, Weary and tired as could be, Thinking I

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Jaibala/ December 11, 2014

A famous quote says “To Err Is Human”, so saying that someone can do no wrong in a very general sense would be so wrong on my part. But I can safely say that there are people in my life who can do no wrong to / for me.  They may be flawed to the world but are Flawless for

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Haunting Silence

Jaibala/ December 8, 2014

Sometimes it s not the sounds you hear that arrests our attention and affects our behaviour.  What we hear or what someone says is not always what drives us. Sometimes it comes from within, from what isn’t  said, what Isn’t told, and that can be what determines who we are and what we do. Not a sound captures my mind,

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Jaibala/ August 17, 2014

You list every transgression, Each error being recorded, Each word measured, Nothing ever treasured, Feels like I am on a trial, A victim, a demimondaine even You call me every word, A punishment for being me, The gray clouds just Don’t seem to fade away. (Image credit : fotographic1980/freedigitalphotos.net) But just know, this is what I want to say, Judge me,

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