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Jaibala/ September 3, 2017

You can be anyone, your friend, partner, soulmate. Inspiration can come from anywhere. Who is your ‘You’?

Friendship Resumed

Jaibala/ July 16, 2014

She was walking on the dirt road, after twenty years. Marriage and its responsibilities did not give her any time to revisit her village. She recalled her wedding day, that was the last time she walked the road, leaving behind her childhood, leaving behind her friend.   As she was walking she saw her school. The Village school still had

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Jaibala/ May 7, 2014

You hold my hand, You take me through, You smile when I am happy, Are sad when I am too.     You are an Instant pick me up, You’d never let me down, If I lose my smile, I get yours, And happy memories you’d create.     You know I ‘d walk alone on my path, But you wont take chances

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