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When I Said “No”

Jaibala/ May 12, 2017

Does Difference trump love? What do you choose when the choice is between you and the one you love?


Jaibala/ September 25, 2016

What do you think you will lose if Fear was your biggest Fear?


Jaibala/ September 5, 2016

Can the done ever be undone? Can the lost ever be found?

The Way We Were

Jaibala/ August 7, 2016

I keep thinking of the promises I made to myself as a child and the way we were.

Fragile Lives

Jaibala/ August 3, 2016

In life nothing is permanent or sure. All of us are living Fragile Lives.

My Confession

Jaibala/ November 24, 2015

There is always something to confess, always something kept hidden inside. What is your Confession?