Thank You NaNoWriMo 2013

It is strange how when you sit to write something you realize that there
are two kinds of people in you. One is the writer in you who is willing
to go on stringing words together to find sentences expressing
opinions, telling stories,  or just simply raving about stuff that you
like. Then there is the other person, editor who wants just the right
words written, just the right story told, just the right opinion given
continually willing the writer to change words, stories, etc to get it
just right. Ultimately getting the writing done is to create a good
balance between these two identities. 
This is what I have
discovered this November while attempting the NaNoWriMo. So, this November has been a great month for
me. I have completed NaNo and gotten into this habit of writing everyday
now the problem will be getting this habit to stick (though I hope it
it has given me the confidence to let others read what I write finally realizing that no one will know if I am good or bad if they have not read
it. One of my friends told me that
  “if you love writing you write for yourself … who cares what
the world thinks” and Rubina I will always thank you for that.

Of course NaNoWriMo
was never a single handed effort. Amazing support from Family and Great Friends old and new saw
me through it. For these amazing people that I have gotten to know I
will always be thankful and for the old friends who believed in me when no one else did I will always be grateful. 

Most of all what I have gotten this November is a story, not the NaNo one, but one that I will tell my Son sometime in the future about dreams. The story of a girl and her dreams and that if you set towards them they will come true. The story where the path to following your dreams will lead you to gain so much faith, love, satisfaction and confidence and all this is worth much more than any material gain. This is a story that will teach that little boy the real power of dreams.

And so this is my thank you to NaNoWriMo 2013, I don’t know whether the story that I wrote will be published but you have given me the feeling of accomplishment and a sense of achievement and gifted me some amazing people and fulfilled my desire to write along the way to the finish.

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