That Day That It all Began

Jaibala/ May 20, 2014/ Short Stories/ 5 comments

As he was getting dressed for his wedding Saurabh saw the handkerchief he kept draped on the photo of hers. It reminded him of one of the most memorable days – The day it all began.


She was busy talking to her friend and dropped her handkerchief. Saurabh was walking just behind her, he and Anushka travelled in the same bus to college. She did not know he existed and he had a crush on her for almost the whole three years. So when he saw that handkerchief fall, he thought he finally got the chance he had been waiting for the whole time.


Saurabh quickly picked up the handkerchief from the ground. When he stood up he realised he had lost sight of her. Well he decided he would give it to her during the break. So he waited his mind conjuring images of what would happen next. He thought with a sigh, “She will be so grateful when I return her lost handkerchief, might even start talking to me.”


The train of his thoughts started running faster than the Rajdhani Express, “She will slowly become my friends, once she talks to me everyday. Then we will fall in love, get married and we will be the best of friends all through our lives.” The first half of the day passed with Saurabh being in this wonderful world of his dream land.


He was waiting for her outside the canteen. When she enterted with her friends he walked upto her and said “ Anushka, hi. I travel with you everyday on the same bus and happened to see you drop your handkerchief. I thought you must be fretting with a lost handkerchief, so I came to return it.”  Anushka looked at him and her expression was nothing like he imagined it would be. She was amused. As Saurabh wondered why she was amused, She removed her handkerchief and showed it to him. She and her friends were still laughing as she walked away.


While he was trying to hide his dejection and embarrassment, he did not notice that one of Anushka’s friends hadn’t left with her. She walked upto him and said “That is mine.” He looked at this girl in a daze and she repeated,”Ummmm, that handkerchief is mine, and I am Priyanka. I have seen you every morning in the bus.” She waited while he continued to stare and then said, “ Atleast tell me you name.” “ Ummmm Saurabh, I am Saurabh, Hi Priyanka.”


“And the rest as they say is history”, thought Saurabh. It had been seven years but he still cant forget the day he met his best friend for ever, the Love of his life and his soon to be wife Priyanka.


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  1. Aww Best friends marrying. How I love that <3

  2. Ah! The age old handkerchief 😉 Always works, doesn’t it?

    1. Yes it does. Sometimes backfires but mostly works 🙂

  3. What a sweet love story 🙂 I enjoyed reading it da. Good that a handkerchief came of such use. Maybe it’s because I read so many stories, that I could guess the ending.

    1. I love sweet love stories. Yes lucky handkerchief, to be immortalized in a love story 🙂

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