The 4G Dream, Soon A Reality

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Considering S, I majorly use my mobile phone in the day. I watch videos, interact on social media, read and comment on posts and most importantly access my mails all on the phone. I cannot carry the WiFi everywhere, so it is the phone data pack that comes to my rescue, or rather should I say leaves me frustrated most of the times, for poor connectivity. We were on a holiday in Khandala, and the low connectivity was being a pain. That is when I came across this wonderful commercial on TV, the connectivity speed that they show is enough to get your attention and it got me really excited.

In an instant I logged on to the brand new website, and the facts on site had me intrigued. The process to upgrade was simple enough if you had a 4G compatible device.


Airtel 4G is available in most cities. So being connected always won’t be a major issue. This is critical for me as I use the phone internet a lot.


Another major worry for me was that I have always had a prepaid connection and most of the best offers for services are usually available on Post Paid connections. But Airtel surprised me here also by giving wonderful offers, like myPlan infinity on both the prepaid and postpaid connections.

My Plan Infinity

Pre PAid and Post paid

And if I chose not to upgrade to the infinity plan, I could just get 4G on your phone with the current, 3G Plan. So actually I realised that getting 4G on my phone was not costly, I just had to request for a 4G SIM which Airtel would deliver to me for free at my doorstep.

Key To The fastest NEtwork

Affordable faster internet speed is finally going to be a dream come true. The challenge that Airtel is accepting is that there is nothing faster than their network, and if you find anything faster, they will pay your lifetime mobile bills. I am excited about this new 4G revolution that Airtel is pioneering. All you need to be a part of this 4G revolution is a 4G device, a 3G Data pack and a 4G SIM which you can request at .

Free Upgrade

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  1. Sounds good. I have a 4G Airtel dongle but mostly it is 3G that works well.

    1. Hmmm…The network issue.I am planning to upgrade to an Airtel at home. I am hoping these are just teething problems.

  2. Well, I already use 4G. And when it works, it works splendidly. But…. 🙂

    1. Ah, that problem always exists, isn’t it?

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