The Bend

Jaibala/ May 23, 2014/ Short Stories/ 4 comments

When she heard the honking Kiran woke up and checked the time – it was 11:30 PM. She knew that her son had been sneaking out for the past few nights. She wondered what to do. She was afraid to confront him; they were already at loggerheads about everything else. People had warned her about the teen years, but she never thought it would get so bad between them, she sighed “Varun and I used to be so close. I wondered what happened. But this can’t go on. I have to do something.


As Varun walked into the house today, he knew something was wrong. He clearly remembered turning off all the lights, and now the light to the dining area was on. He knew there was going to be a lot more drama, than those soaps his mother watched. His mother had found out what he had been doing for the past few nights and he knew the reaction was going to be the expected one.


Kiran saw Varun enter and said, “Beta have you eaten. It’s quite late no restaurants are open at 3 AM.” He was shocked and stammered, “Yes….s.” “Ok then, I am pretty tired and I am sure you are too.” He opened his mouth to say something, but before he could say anything she added, “Let’s go to bed.”


Varun tried to figure out all night why did his mom just let him off, knowing he was wrong? He heard his mom in the kitchen at 6:30 AM sharp just like every day.  He lay in his bed felling guilty and horrible for keeping his mother up. He got out of bed after a few minutes and walked in the kitchen. He saw Mom had made his favourite breakfast.


Kiran was busy going about her work in the kitchen when, Varun walked up to her and said, “I am sorry Mom for sneaking out and for all the hurtful things I have done in the past. I just thought that you would not understand me. I forgot that you were, are and always will be my best friend.” She hugged him tight and said, “I will always be here, I will always be your Mom.” Kiran was glad that at this bend her son had found his way back to her.



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  1. Not all kids, or moms would be like this. It’s a nice story, Jai. but somehow, I feel it’s not your best.

    1. I do hope things change soon in the manner we parent our kids 🙂

  2. Good job. He would have become angrier if she tried to straighten him with harsh words… So, love… Yes, it solves all!!! Good story, Jai.

    1. Thanks Fati. Yes the situation would have gotten worse na had she reacted in anger 🙂

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