The Black Cat

Jaibala/ August 31, 2015/ Musings/ 31 comments

So what do you write when you have nothing to say? A little bit of this, a whole lot of that. I talk about a little black cat. A black cat, it crossed my path just like that. How dare he walk my path like that? Oh! That little black cat, that little black cat. I cannot walk ahead, I cannot go back. Look for a new path; I don’t know, what is that? My plans lie ruined because of the black cat, my dreams unfulfilled because it crossed my path. Oh! What do I do after that? How to I make it better, how do I get it back? All that I lost because of that cat black. What do I do? Should I rethink my walk, should I that’s what sanity says works. But what do I do is an exceptional solution, in which comes the resolution of every problem. Let go of logic, forget all intelligence, I think, I’ll just burn that cat. Burn the cat black, Oh! Burn it well. Should my insecurities, the little cat tell? Should it meow what I am all about, but before it does, I’ll just shut its mouth. How could the cat walk, walk the same path I may have crossed. How could he undo all the goods I may have got? You see the problem isn’t in me. The problem is you are a cat and you’re black. You live breathe and walk my way and I’ll do my best to shove you away. You are a problem you black little thing, Misfortune along with you, you bring. So I will just burn the cat, solve all my problems, the burnt cat will do just that.

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  1. Abstract and different. Good read! 🙂

    1. Thank You Ashu 🙂

  2. This was such a surprise package. Even I get a little perturbed with a black cat.
    But you put it so nicely the insecurities
    Dr.Amrita Basu recently posted…Genius bloggers toolkit Diwali Gift +Truth about the bundleMy Profile

    1. hehe. like I said this is what happens when we have nothing to say.

  3. I always think that the cat has someplace to go.. else, why would it come across humans? 😛 no?
    nicely written Jai.

    1. Yes I, why else would the cat move anyway. Thanks Pix 🙂

  4. I think everyone has said it already. So much of Dr.Seuss in this one 🙂 As long as the cat doesn’t keep you from your goal, it’s fine to just watch it. And this one looks cute!
    Shailaja V recently posted…Anatomy of grief #PoetryMy Profile

    1. Thank You Shailaja. If I came across this cat, I’d just pick it up and cuddle it, right 🙂 S would ask me to take it home.

  5. I loved the medium you chose to send out such a strong underlying message, Jaibala.
    Instead of reflecting inwards on their insecurities and superstitions, most people try to fix the blame on external people, situations and even objects.
    Shantala recently posted…First Day of Preschool | The First Day of the next 18 plus years. Sniff.My Profile

    1. Thank You Shantala. True we always do taht. The problem can never be with us. It has to be something else.

  6. Loved it! Poor cat! High time we change and react to such stupidity.
    Shalini recently posted…Happy Birthday, Blog! You’re Two!My Profile

    1. Thanks Shalini. Agreed we need to stop reacting stupidly to everything

  7. At times rants like this are necessary to maintain our sanity and help up get past the writer’s block.
    Soumya recently posted…Action Replay – August 2015My Profile

    1. True That Saumya. 🙂

  8. Jaibala, I enjoyed reading it. And by the end of it, I loved it. The problem is not the black cat. It is our reaction to the black cat. After all, what can the cat do if it is a cat? and a black one at that? It defies all logic, but still we worry about a black cat. For me, I just pity the black cat and walk on. Nothing untoward has happened till now.

    1. Some of those cats are so cute even, Lata. I do wish we change the way we react to the cat, or anything that can be symbolic of the black cat in our lives
      Jaibala recently posted…The Black CatMy Profile

  9. Gosh! Burn the cat?
    I loved the repetition and that impact it creates 🙂 Perfect way to ramble I say. 😀
    Parul recently posted…#MicroblogMondays – There’s nice ring to it..My Profile

    1. Isn’t that what we do Parul, generally in society. No one wants to tackle the problem or look inward. Glad you liked my rambling 🙂
      Jaibala recently posted…The Black CatMy Profile

  10. Poor cats, what do they know that their very existence is a crisis for someone else’s being. If only we would reflect inwards. But you know, I have realized that superstition is drilled so deep in some people, it is almost impossible to make them see reason.
    Rachna recently posted…My unmatched prowessMy Profile

    1. I agree with you Rachna. Something learnt in one s formative years, is difficult to undo even though it defies logic.

    2. See, such a hypocritical bunch we are Rachna, we expect everyone else to think but ourselves. Especially when it comes to traditions and beliefs, cant be changed what has been ingrained.
      Jaibala recently posted…The Black CatMy Profile

  11. That was brilliant. So much rhythm in that read. Like Sid said very Cat in the Hat, such a coincidence that I’ve been re-reading Dr Seuss recently. Thoroughly enjoyed this one – boo to all cats that come your way.

    1. Thnak you Tulika. I love reading Dr. Seuss too and luckily S enjoys the rhythm in the books too. Coincidentally ‘Cat in The Hat’ is his favourite book and he has been asking for “Horton Hears a Who’.

  12. Beware of SPCA while burning the cat 😛
    Vins recently posted…Book Review: The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson BurnettMy Profile

    1. Jokes aside, this is true for both a societal as well as personal perspective. We don’t look at problems with a view to solve them. Instead we play the blame game. Well said.
      Vins recently posted…Thankful Tuesdays #31 – Being meMy Profile

      1. We do don’t we, balme who ever we can rather than introspecting and seeing the real problem.

  13. Woah! Dr. Seuss is in the house 😆

    It is a bit of a rambling, Jai. But one that makes sense. And I guess there is an underlying message there. Of being able to overcome obstacles if you want to .
    Sid recently posted…Mrs Funnybones : A non-reviewMy Profile

    1. Haha THank You Sid 🙂 I have been reading ‘Cat In The Hat’ to S, a lot lately. He loves that book. And I love Dr. Suess’s ability to make a point in such a easy manner.

      1. I suppose the other thing is…you know what they say if a black cat is crossing your path….the chances are that it’s going somewhere 😛
        Sid recently posted…Mrs Funnybones : A non-reviewMy Profile

        1. Yes the cat is going somewhere. Us on the other hand am not so sure 🙂

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