The Choices That Make Us – Part 1 – Consequences

This post marks the beginning of a three part series. Hope you follow it and enjoy the story.

Mohit switched off the television and flung the remote. He heard a crack as the remote landed on the floor. He was furious; why shouldn’t he be? They were singing praises of the new girl on the block with fresh tunes; the very same girl who had somehow stolen his tunes. Mohit was frustrated as he could not prove that the tunes were his; his diary was still in its place untouched. Secretly, he wished to find out who she was. He dialled Preeti’s number and asked her to meet him at the studio as soon as possible.


Preeti knew when she got the call to come in early it was what this was about. She knew Mohit had found out; he must have after seeing the news reports. She walked up to the office door, knocked thrice and waited for a response.


“Come in.”


Mohit’s tone didn’t give away anything. When Preeti walked in, he was much more composed.


“Did you see the reports?” he asked, not bothering to look up from the computer screen. Not waiting for a response, he continued, “Those tunes are some of my old unused melodies. I have always been careful with my tunes, and I don’t share them with anyone. I need you to find out exactly who this girl is, and how did she steal my tunes? I want you to find out as soon as you can, and let me know immediately when you do. This is most important.”


Twisha was having dinner when Preeti called. She knew what the call was for, but she could not let her best friend panic.


“Hello,” she answered and listened to what Preeti had to say.


“Tell him. Don’t lose your job over me. Tell him what you have to. Don’t worry about anything,” she assured her friend.


Preeti knocked on the office door hesitatingly this time. She was scared, but all the same, she had to tell him the truth. As she entered, she saw a rather forlorn Mohit.  He looked at her, waiting for her to say what she wanted.


“Sir, my best friend Twisha is a big fan of yours,” she started.


“I don’t want to hear about your friend, I want to know about that girl.”


“This is about her, sir,” she said, “Twisha is that girl.”


“But how?”


His curiosity was evident in his voice.


“Sir, it’s my fault. I brought her here when you weren’t there. And that diary was lying outside. I got a call and went to answer the phone. I don’t know why, when or how she did it. I swear. I was on the phone for only two seconds; it was a wrong number. But she did it. I am sorry.”

She did not look him in the eye out of fear. Mohit threw the pen he had in his hand at her. The pen missed its intended target, and he was beyond furious.


“Two seconds? How can she copy an entire diary in two seconds?”


He went to the locker removed the diary and checked it. It was the same; nothing was tampered with. He paused in thought. He knew Preeti enough to know that she was telling the truth. He was not cruel.


“Okay. Tell me where she lives. And you go home for the day. We can do the rest of the work tomorrow.”


Preeti was surprised by the sudden change of mood. Not taking any chances, she quickly wrote down the address and left the room. The address raised his curiosity further. The coincidence was just too much. Mohit debated as to what to do. He finally decided that he could no longer take it and decided to go meet her… this Twisha.


As he drove to the address, he wondered how it was possible that she stayed in the same place where he had lived twenty years back, in that flat. He had sold his house a long time ago, but his memories were attached to this house more. Mohit stepped into the colony, and the surroundings still felt familiar to him. He saw the mango tree that had been the first thing he saw outside his window each day, the small garden where children still played on the slide and the see-saw. He remembered the day the playground was set up, and how excited they had been to see the children play so happy and carefree.


As he entered the building, the fact that they still did not have a lift surprised him. He climbed the stairs slowly, recalling the moment he used them for the last time. He reached the flat on the second floor and saw the door.


“Ah! This is new!” he thought, as he rang the bell. When the door opened, it was like his entire world turned upside down.


Continued in Part 2


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