The Dare

Dear Diary,

What is the reason why I am lying here in bed with my head about to explode, unable to move you ask me? Well, you know how I don’t like to pass up a dare right. Yes, I am here because of a dare.

So when Sooraj and his Gang descended upon me yesterday evening, I knew something was up. “He can’t do it,” Sooraj said. And he had me hooked. “What is it that you are so sure I can’t do? And why? I will do whatever it is.” “Sooch le,” he issued a warning before asking me to meet him by the lake next to the college at midnight. Maybe this one time I should have heeded the warning.

I reached the lake at midnight, they were already there. They got down to business immediately. The dare was simple to go skinny dipping in the lake and finish two ice cream cones and come out.  Well it would have been simple, had they not runoff with my clothes while I was enjoying the Ice Cream.

I was stuck in the lake for what seemed like eternity, but it was only forty five minutes. And Thank God for the help, had it not been for the watch man, I would have become the laughing stock of the entire college. At least those crooks did not take pictures.

But that is the very reason I am lying here bedridden, sneezing and coughing every chance I get. The sole reason, I am here in my dorm room on a Sunday morning, writing in my diary. The only reason I have this horrible cold.

Signing off to take medicines and sleep,


My friend gave me this crazy idea, to write a funny story on Cold as in Common Cold. Why crazy you ask, cause I don’t do funny at all. So here is my attempt at being funny which is so not humorous. Oh ya and the one for whom this is written hope it brings a smile to your face. And do get well soon.



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