The Fight

Jaibala/ December 16, 2014/ Short Stories

Sia was dressed and ready to go to her favourite restaurant. It was their anniversary and Nikhil had made dinner reservations for them at 9 PM and promised a surprise. Sia liked surprises, and she was looking forward to the evening. She had worn the new Peacock Blue dress. Blue, was Nikhil’s favourtie colour.

Nikhil was stuck in traffic. He had taken the longer route to avoid traffic, and get home earlier. He had not expected to get stuck in the insane traffic here. It was just not his day, first the meeting ran longer than expected, and then the traffic.

 Nikhil knew that Sia was mad.They had missed their reservations and it had taken Nikhil a lot of promises, and cooking dinner to make up. He was still treading on broken egg shells around her. When she sat down next to him, he quietly handed over the remote to her.

 Sia was about to change the channel when the video playing in the news caught her attention.“The fire started at 9 PM at this renowned city hangout with a cylinder blast. The fire men have not been able to control the fire and the entire restaurant has come down, within two hours. The place was packed with diners and the officials are expecting no survivors.”

Sia gasped, Nikhil was stunned. Their fight long forgotten as they held each other tightly, contemplating what could have been.


I am guest authoring for Project 365 in the month of December. Today’s prompt was “Share a Time when you narrowly avoided disaster”


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