The Happiness Puddle

Jaibala/ July 6, 2014/ Short Stories/ 10 comments

The sky darkened suddenly as she was going home.  With nowhere to shelter herself from the downpour she was drenched within seconds.

As she walked, she missed seeing the puddle and felt her foot got wet. “Bad Luck”, she cursed, as her new shoes got drenched in the water.

She saw the little girl jump into the puddle. Memories of her carefree childhood flooded her. She felt exhilarated as she purposefully jumped into the puddle splashing water. Her mood changed from angry to happy.

She realised that happiness does not depend on what happens to you it lies within you.


About Jaibala

Academically a Microbiologist, I am a Web Columnist for popular magazines and websites, Freelance Writer and a Blogger. Words define me and writing and reading compete to be the love of my life. My biggest belief is that there is something good in everything and I always looks to highlight the best in things. Creative writing is my forte.You can reach me by dropping a mail at


  1. Lovely thoughts Jaibala…

    I have nominated you for the “Quintet of Radiation” award. Please click on this link for details:
    All the best…

    1. Thank You Huma

  2. Happiness is indeed a state of mind!! 😀
    I never mind getting wet except the day I was wearing white and was on my way to work! that day I was annoyed!
    I enjoyed reading this one as well!! 🙂

    1. White in the rains to work. Really even I would be annoyed. I am glad you enjoyed it Pix.

  3. “She realised that happiness does not depend on what happens to you it lies within you.” This line pretty much says it all! No matter what happens, as long as you have the strength to keep that happiness within you, nothing can destroy you.

    P.S. I wanna jump in puddles. Clean ones, mind you 😛

    1. Come NJ you and me (of course S) and clean puddles. We shall jump.

  4. That is such a TRUE thought .. it is all IN you .. one can make other happy if one is Happy ..

    1. Happy is a state of mind. 🙂

  5. A beautiful realization to take away from the incident 🙂

    1. Sometimes it takes such incidents for us to realsie the simplest of things. Doesn’t it? 🙂

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