The Last Cookie

Jaibala/ May 17, 2014/ Short Stories/ 4 comments

Meera, took the last sip of the tea, and without glancing up from the book, went to take one more cookie. She realised, the one on the plate was the last one. She picked up the plate and walked out to the garden, “Time to give you the last cookie, Dev”, she thought. She walked out to the middle of the road in her quaint little colony in Dheradun, with similar small houses on either side of the two lane road. She looked at the house opposite hers and waved at the man and woman at the window then she placed the cookie in the middle and waited.


It was another Wednesday afternoon three years back when Meera and Dev best friends since childhood were getting ready for their daily evening milk with cookies that had been baked by her Mother. At 16, these guys were as inseparable as they were since the first time they met at the age of eight. The habit that started then continued and they enjoyed fighting for the last cookie. They were sitting in Dev’s garden when Meera realised that there was only one cookie left on the plate. She picked it up and ran away to her house across the street.

Dev not to be out done ran behind her, “I swear that last cookie is mine even if I have to die for it”, he screamed. She turned around and saw it all happen. The car came too quickly up the road, she screamed “DEV”, but it was too late, the car hit him, and the driver did not stop to look at the damage. Meera ran to him and Dev just looked at her and smiled his last smile with his last breath.


A crow came and picked up the cookie and flew away. Meera, smiled and walked back in. She had been carrying out the same ritual for the last three years every day. She knew Dev would keep his promise, he always did and this was the last promise he ever made to her. Meera knew somehow that Dev was sure she would carry out her last unsaid promise too – The Last Cookie was always his.


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  1. Some memories stick with us longer than needed, and it’s because of the sadness that the memory has. We don’t like the memory, but we don’t want to let go of it either. A good story.

    1. Yeah some memories are hard to hold and harder to let go of. Its these memories that also have the potential to control the way we live, think, feel isn’t it Vins?

  2. Very few people are blessed with long term friends and when they’re not there…
    This is a very heart wrenching story.

    1. Yeah very few people NJ and it is so sad when we lose them isn’t it 🙂

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