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The question starting at me from this blank white page is “If you were to give your phone one super power what would it be?” And I wondered if it is possible to make the smart phone even smarter. As I was pondering this, I was looking for some papers that I had absent mindedly kept “Somewhere Safe” and now for the life of me could not remember where that was. That happens a lot with a toddler around.  But I digress, so as I was searching for the papers, it struck me, what me and every parent like me would want is a phone that would find things. Yes finding things would be a brilliant super power for the phone and the advantages of having this power are so many:


Finding everyday Items would be so easy. The phone will guide you to where they are kept. Forgot the keys ask your phone where it is. Kept your papers somewhere, the phone will tell rather show you where they are.


A silent house, with a toddler around is always a cause for worry, so Moms or Dads panic when they hear eerie silence, and run around to find their toddler, leaving all their work at hand. Well the phone comes to the rescue. When there is the case of the missing toddler accompanied by inexplicable silence, turn to your phone and it will show you exactly where that kid is and what he/she is doing.


This is a very handy feature for a shopaholic. Say you are looking for a particular yellow pair of shoes, your phone will tell you where it is. All the shops in the city that have it, will be under your finger tips. A Dream come true moment for everyone looking for that yellow something, and red something and pinks something……. Well that is a never ending list. This power will be a gift starting from paradise for shopaholics.


For the police too, this feature will be so useful. If they want to find thieves, they just have to ask the phone and everything that they need to know will be available to them. This will especially helpful to find stolen items.


Missing people and planes will no longer be missing. The heartbreaking news of a person gone missing or kidnapped will be few, as this feature on the phone will allow us to know the location of the missing person immediately. Also, heartbreaking incidents like 9/11 or the disappearance of the MH370 will not happen again.


Last but not the least, ever forgotten where you have kept your phone especially when it is on silent mode. Well Never lose your phone again, the phone will find itself. I am sure; a lot of you are craving for this phone now, especially if you are anything like me.


Finding, this is an amazing super power that every person will find use for in the phone. This is truly a super power that every phone must have. It would be so nice to never lose anything again. Losing your mind over the new latest smartphone in the market or sleep over its features cause you just purchased a new one is unavoidable. Just like you will lose your sleep over  Asus’s latest offering The Zen phone. Check them out here


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ASUS - Incredible ZEN


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  1. LOVED IT!
    made me chuckle!
    All the best for the contest Jai 🙂

    1. 🙂 Thank You Pix 😀

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