The Story of A Zuper Zaz Day

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I knew the day was going to be different; we had never been for a ‘day out’ just the three of us. What I did not expect was that it would turn out to be so memorable, even the rains could not dampen the excitement. Let me back up for a bit though, the day I am talking about is June 14th 2015, and the event ‘We Were Going to KidZania’ all thanks to BlogAdda’s blogger activity. S was super excited after all he was going to a place where he could play. I was anxious, would he like it would he not, and what would I do if he didn’t like the place. Dad….well, he just thought that it was a small place with some rides for kids.

S was not disappointed, he expected to play and he got to play “So much”. For all the anxiety I carried with me, his not enjoying was the least of my worries. I should have actually been worrying about how to get him home; he was not ready to leave KidZania. And dad was just mesmerized by the entire thing. The one person who enjoyed the place as much as S did was my dad.

As soon as you enter you are greeted with a friendly” Kai” and then the scale and the enormity of it hits you. As Neville the friendly CSR was explaining the concept of the place, not only S but even my mind was slowly taking in the city. Nothing you can imagine nor can any amount of research and reading the website prepare you for what it feels like to stand there. Not even the pictures. The atmosphere, and ambiance are a part of the personality of KidZania, and no picture or words can substitute that. I shall try though.

The Entrance

The Ambience

Imagine that you have just gotten off the airplane, and exchanged your money and you enter the new city. A city complete within itself, a city with its own currency and economics, a city with its own suburbs, a city which is meant just for kids. The currency here is called Kidzos. S entered with 50 Kidzos, which he got on depositing a cheque in the bank. ‘Yes’ a bank.

The Bank  & The Currency

As far as the role playing goes, I think it should be called more Role understand activities. I have never seen S, so excited to deliver parcel and repair a car. He loved creating his own pack of Chocos and gobbling it down, the spoils of our labour do taste sweeter. But the thing that fascinated him the most was doing “Hypercity work” (Wrong brand, but right concept) while he worked as the cashier for Big Baazar. He amazed me with his understanding of so many things. I think I underestimate S so much thinking he is just a kid. ‘Dignity in Labour’ is a concept that he will not be alien to him.

The Activities

The activities are in various categories, like services, culture and essentials. You can earn money while doing some activities, and have to pay money to do some. The activities while meant to show the kids the other side of all the convenience they see and the labour that goes behind every job, also helps them understand the hard work involved in making money and the prudence involved in spending it. Though I must say every activity here would have different take away for different age groups.

I could not relax in the parents Lounge, but had fun trotting around the city with S and believe me the look on the face of S at having accomplished, the tasks, and getting money in his hand was priceless and worth every bit of running around.

While leaving Kidzania, We deposited the money in the bank after opening an account and S will even earn interest on the money. The Debit Card is his most prized possession and he has kept his card carefully in a purse with our banking items. This photograph has been taken when he was not around as we are not allowed to touch his card.

The Card

All in all, it was a #Zuperday at KidZania. Now S is looking forward to going back to play so that he can “earn money. And my Dad is looking forward to take him back there. So KidZania Mission Accomplished. Zhank You Blogadda for organising this wonderful activity and KidZania for being the perfect host. We had a Zaz time. See you soon.

This post is a part of the KidZania bloggers meet activity conducted by BlogAdda and KidZania


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  1. lots of activities there 🙂 I can see what fun S might have had 😀

    1. Yes he had so much fun
      He actually asks to go back everyday 🙂

  2. You guys seem to have had a lot of fun. So that’s what counts. Plus the quality time.
    Don’t forget to thank the person who recommended you to BlogAdda 😛

    1. We really had a fun day and it would not have been possible without you. Thank You Sid 🙂

  3. Good that the cootster had a lot of fun, and you enjoyed with him too 🙂 It looks a fun place, and you make the experience come to life. I like the idea of S having a debit card 😉 sounds too cute. :mrgreen:

    1. Yes he loved it, and the debit card is like the Holy Grail right now. It is a wonderful experience for parents and children alike 🙂

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