The Success Formula

Jaibala/ July 7, 2014/ Short Stories/ 4 comments

The interviewer asked her “What does it take to follow your dreams and succeed?”

She paused in thought before she could reply. She thought whether she should tell him about her mother who struggled hard to bring her up all alone, yet told her that she had a choice to do whatever she wanted.

She wondered whether she should talk about her detractors and how they called her a loser who was wasting her life. Her Mom on the other hand said dreams have to be followed and that they are what defines one person and sets them apart.

She pondered on the fact that she was successful because of the few people who believed in her when the rest of the world did not. When everyone turned their backs to her, the ones that egged her on, were they the heroes of her success?

She also owed it to those people who in her moments of self doubt, did not let her give up and forced her to work towards her dream.

Ultimately she answered, “It begins with a dream that is yours, and you nurture it and give life to it. You never let anybody tell you that you can’t achieve it. There will be a lot of people who won’t support your choices, but cherish the ones that do. And the people who believe in your dream and have faith in your abilities, you should revere them and heed their words. Sometimes you will be all alone, but whatever happens, never give up because there is one person that should always believe in you and that is You.


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  1. I like and agree with that last paragraph 🙂 There’s always someone who believes in you, Jai.

    1. I am glad for the people that believe in me. Life would be too hard otherwise 🙂

  2. Beautiful and inspiring. Life is all bout daring to dream and unflinching belief in self, there are people who enter our lives as a power house of energy to make us walk the path of fire to achieve the impossible:)

    1. True Vishal. Self belief and a crazy dream is what makes life worth living. 🙂

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