The Teddy Bear

Jaibala/ June 14, 2014/ Short Stories

Simran walked into the room. Her routine never changed, routine was good for such people, the doctor said. She would wake up early, come to and go to his room. She would not be welcomed nor was she expected.


As she walked in and started getting Mr. Rai ready for the day, she noticed like everyday he kept staring at the teddy bear kept in the corner. Today, he asked to hold it. Noticing his liking for the bear Simran asked him, “You like this bear, don’t you? I have seen you stare at it every day and today you asked to hold it too. It must be really special.”


“I just……felt like holding it. You know that rhyme,” he scrunched his face thinking hard before he started again,

“Teddy Bear Teddy Bear, turn around,

 Teddy Bear Teddy Bear, touch the ground,

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear, polish your shoes,

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear, off to school.”

He rattled of the rhyme and kept repeating it till she could finish the routine. This was a new development, and an excited Simran called the doctor.


“It’s very rare for persons suffering from Alzheimer’s at this stage to recollect anything at all,” the doctor told Simran. She was ecstatic, that he remembered something. That teddy bear was a symbol of her hope and the memories – A piece of the lost childhood that she shared with her Father.


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