Theme Reveal for the #AtoZChallenge

Jaibala/ March 23, 2017/ Musings

Yep, I decided to do the A to Z challenge again. What is the A to Z challenge you ask? It is a month of frenzy, fun and writing every single day except Sundays. It’s a challenge that the entire blogging world participates in and the month of April becomes month to find new blogs and bloggers. I have found amazing friends because of the A to Z challenge. You can read more about the challenge here.

Usually it is easier to write 26 posts if they follow a theme. When I had taken up the challenge in 2014 I had spoke about one of my favourite topics music. This time around I am also picking my other favourite  – Movies.

A to Z challenge is always easier with a theme. Here is my Theme Reveal. Read on & find out what I am going to write all April. Read on and find out Join here for the free NewsLetter delivered right into your inbox

So if you are wondering what exactly I will be doing, here it is. All through April I will be taking you in a journey through contemporary Bollywood. I will be talking of iconic movies I have watched growing up and what made them special. Will it be movie reviews? They may or might not be depending on how you like your reviews. But what they will be is a showcase of movies that have changed the we look at a subject or the entire movie making process, sometimes they will be movies that have changed the way our generation reacts to things and they way they think. There will be movies that have paved the way for other movies, newer ideologies and better techniques.

What’s​ more is I am doing this in collaboration with Chandni Moudgil of Life In Third Dimension, where she will be speaking of women in contemporary cinema. Between us we are going to cover Bollywood  movies that were powerful enough to shape our generation.

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