Together Is Always Better

As a seven year old, I was very happy and proud that day. I had managed to pass my fourth standard exams, and was excited about starting secondary school soon. An added plus was I was going to go to a new school, a place that I had fallen in love with instantly. As I traveled to my grandmother’s house that morning of April 14th, I was bursting with excitement and innumerable plans for enjoying my vacations – At Nani’s they were always fun. As I took the new cycle my Grandmother had gifted me, down for its first ride, nothing could have prepared me for what was to happen.

I saw an auto rickshaw coming right at me and I moved to the side of the road. Somewhere in this abrupt motion, my cycle slipped, and I fell on my left elbow, with the cycle on top of me. Excruciating pain made me scream out loud, and my father who was following his big girl from a distance, came rushing to see what had transpired. I remember nothing but pain in the aftermath. The usual X-ray followed and a fracture at the elbow was detected. By the time the hand was plastered, my plans and excitement of the holidays had all been turned to pain.

Two weeks later the pain still wouldn’t subside, and we took another opinion to see what was wrong. Another blow to any remaining hope of enjoyment came when the specialist confirmed my parent’s fears. There was an error in treating the fracture in the first place and the bone was set upside down. So, I had to undergo an operation to rectify the doctor’s error, and came out with two nails holding my elbow together and eleven stitches, also as you might have guessed, I was in pain and totally depressed.

Standing aside and watch my friends and brother play was no fun, cancelled picnic plans, made my brother  and me really sad. I could watch cartoon network all day, but that was not fun either. Okay well Cartoon network was fun for two day’s but eventually it was all boring, because it was not what I had planned, not my idea of fun.

And then came the day in May which I was looking forward to. My brother’s birthday had arrived and I could not do anything, play any games, I could not even buy a new dress with my arm in a sling. That was when rather than being excited like always, I was depressed, so depressed that I was planning to sleep through the day. No amount of cajoling me helped, if I could not have fun, I wasn’t going anywhere. Like every year my grandmother came early in the morning. After she arrived, the two ladies of my life my Mom and Nani came to me, and asked for my help. “We want to bake a cake and surprise your brother”, they said, “and we need a lot of help.”

Reluctantly I agreed to help them. As we started gathering the ingredients and decorating the cake, I couldn’t believe we were having so much fun. I began to realise that it did not matter what we were doing as long as we were doing it together. After that the vacation was so much fun. My brother, parents, grandparents we all spent time doing things, not necessarily which I planned or loved doing but doing them with the people I loved the most. This was the vacations when I began to read seriously, I exhausted all the books in the small library near my house and joined a bigger library. I was gifted some of my favourite books. It was the vacation I discovered the power, joy and magic of togetherness and I still consider that to be the best summer vacations ever. is a company that believes in the power of togetherness and this post was inspired by them.


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