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Today. I have a surprise. A special post by the very special Pixie.  I am sure you all just got extra excited cause you get to read her today. Everyone knows what a brilliant writer she is, and the stories she weaves are just one of a kind. She has made you laugh, cry, scared you with her words and her opinions at Pixie’s Take on Everything . To me she is like my sister, one of my closest friends, my biggest cheerleader, my critic, my sounding board and in general she is one of the reasons my life is amazing. She writes today, a story of a Mother and everything she stands for.

Aparna held her new born child tightly to her chest, a beautiful boy who had her eyes. She had lied to the man who had fathered him and said it was a girl. Her tiny body shook with tears as she held her son in her fragile arms.
She was exhausted but knew it was time to move on.

Her train tickets were ready and her bags packed. She only had to carry her baby bag with her for the rest of her luggage had been taken care of by a friend.

She named her son Umang for hope and knew she had to move quickly before she was found.

She only hoped that the government hospital in which she had given birth would be negligent with her false name and records.

Bangalore, she knew was a huge city and she had used the money by selling jewelry to book a first class ticket. She had a new job waiting for her there and hoped she wouldn’t be found.

She held the baby tight to her chest and picked up her bag. The attender in the maternity wing took pity on her and called her an auto.

As she got into the auto, she saw the distinct silver Mercedes turn into the parking lot of the hospital.

Aparna’s heart beat in trepidation and she knew she had been found. She told the auto driver to hurry and hoped she hadn’t been seen.

As the auto spend through the darkened streets of the city, she let her mind wander back to a year ago when she had met Rishab.

He had seemed so dashing and handsome. He had swept her off her feet and wooed her with romance.
She hadn’t known many people in Jabalpur when she had met him for she was new to the city because of her work. But, he had made the loneliness disappear and had taken her everywhere.

His proposal had come within a month of their meeting and she had been overjoyed. She had clutched the diamond ring to her chest and had said yes. How mistaken she had been!
He slowly wooed her into his bed as well.

She had become pregnant almost immediately and the news had filled her with joy. She had gone to the doctor for confirmation and on her way back to her apartment, her life had shattered. She had seen Rishab with another woman and 2 children. She knew they were his daughters because they had called out “papa”

She had kept out of sight but had clicked a few pictures out of instinct more than anything else.

But, on her way back to her apartment she had collapsed and her only friend Maya had found her weeping over a cup of coffee.

Over mugs of hot fresh coffee she had poured out her story and Maya had not only been sympathetic but also supportive. She suggested that she confront him, but Aparna just knew that he would never leave his wife.

So, instead after going home, she messaged him telling him to come over to her place and there she had broken the news. He had been ecstatic and had said it would be a boy for he didn’t want a girl.

He even said he knew a doctor who would check to see if it was a boy or girl. He had been emphatic that if the child was a girl, he didn’t want it. Seeing his rage and this new side of Rishab, Aparna had been terrified. So, with little help from Maya from then on, the next 8 months had been a haze-filled periods of lies.

She came back to the present when the auto stopped in front of the railway station. Maya had arranged everything and she was reassured that her friend was waiting for her. As she hurried inside the station, it started to rain. She hurried towards the platform where the Bangalore train was waiting to take her and her son away.

She found the first class compartment without difficulty and boarded the train with her baby and bag. She found Maya sitting by the window and quickly hugged her.
Maya took the baby from her and was admiring him when Aparna’s phone rang. At Maya’s insistence, she picked it up only to hear Rishab raving and ranting at her.

“How dare you take my son away from me!” he shouted on the phone.
“I know you are on that train! I want my son.”

Aparna replied, “What about your wife and daughters?”

“What about them?! She will listen to what I say if she wants to live and you better hand over that baby now to me if you wish to live. Did you really think that I wouldn’t track you down to Bangalore?”

Aparna checked her watch and saw that the train was to leave in another 5 minutes. She sighed and said, “Come to the First class compartment and I will hand him over to you.”

As Maya started to protest, Aparna hugged her friend and took the empty baby sling and wrapped it in a blanket.

She stood near the door watching and waiting for him to come. Timing was crucial here and as she saw him come running, the first whistle of the train blew. She held her hand out and as he neared the compartment, the second whistle blew.

She withdrew her hand quickly and watched him grab the hand rails as the third and final whistle blew and the train started to move. His grip slipped suddenly and he screamed. She stood watching him lose his balance and slide into the gap between the platform and the train. She thanked the pre-monsoon rain showers silently and stood watching as people gathered on the platform.

His scream was drowned as the train gained momentum. The ticket collector told her sternly to go back inside. She walked in and sat down next to Maya and shook her head, “He didn’t make it on time.”

Maya started to protest saying he would find her when Aparna squeezed her friend’s hand and said, “It’s too late now. He won’t come after us.”
Seeing her friend’s expression, Maya decided to keep quiet.

As the train sped through the city, moving away from the Station, a sense of calm finally settled on Aparna. She held her son to her chest and rocked him slowly to sleep, knowing fully well that they were safe now.


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